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How each zodiac sign behaves when it’s nervous

Everyone has different ways of calming their nerves and coping with stress, and sometimes that can mean developing some nervous habits, possibly without even realizing them.

You may bite your nails, play with your hair, or tap your foot to get rid of accumulated energy.

But those aren’t the only ways that can manifest itself, especially when you consider your zodiac sign.

Here are the most common ways each character expresses their nervousness, according to experts, and ways you can redirect that nervousness.


Aries need to move and often cannot sit still, they may tap their feet or play with things on their desk.

And as a result, they crave an adrenaline rush.

Exercise is a great way to unleash this type of nerve energy because it helps them get that boost and makes them tired at the same time.

When they go running, exercising, or doing something exciting, they don’t feel as nervous.


When Taurus is stressed, they often respond spontaneously by withdrawing.

They can even get stubborn and have a hard time admitting that flexibility can go a long way in solving problems.

And that is completely understandable. As a zodiac sign, Taurus likes to have things as they are, and anything that gets them outside of their comfort zone can overwhelm them.

This is why Taurus can help take good care of themselves when they are stressed out by doing things that feel good.

Taking a nap, inviting friends to dinner – whatever creates a sense of calm and coziness can be good for them.


When twins are nervous, they immediately react by walking around the room.

This can be a way for them to clear their minds and reflect while also shedding some extra energy – just like Aries.

The thing is, twins have a tendency not only to run around but also to multitask while they run around.

You may take phone calls, have multiple conversations, or try to do more than one task at a time, usually to the point where nothing really gets done.

When stressed out, Geminis can take a deep breath and focus on just one thing.

Not only will this help them feel focused, but it will also help them actually get things done.


It’s really easy for Cancers to assume the worst, especially when stressed out.

You will come up with scary possibilities and possibly make yourself sick about them.

In the beginning, it can feel reassuring to think about the worst possible scenario, but it is definitely a good idea to be in control of all of this and also be logical.

Cancers get a lot of comfort from friends and family, so these are the people they may want to reach out to if they are nervous and ask for support.


Leo’s best stress-coping strategy is to get the limelight, which they love to do.

This is a sign that loves attention and really enjoys being in the spotlight. And sometimes that can be overdone.

The lion finds security in adoration and respect. If this is lacking, it can turn into a missile that seeks power.

This means that he can benefit from diverting his energy from seeking attention to completing a project.

This will help them feel more grounded and endure whatever weighs them down.


Whenever the Virgo feels stressed, she instinctively begins to organize.

They organize their desks, check their calendars, write to-do lists – anything that helps them be more in control.

The thing is, they do this often to avoid stepping back and looking at the big picture, as it is much easier to manage the little things than to solve bigger problems.

But to really get your stress under control, maybe that is exactly what you should do.


When the Libra is nervous, they tend to gloss over their problem in order to avoid taking everything too seriously – because that can stress them even more.

They prefer to think of something much more pleasant and that sometimes includes cracking jokes.

Laughing at certain stressful situations can be of great help.

If they can take a bad moment lightly or crack a joke to make themselves feel better, that’s great.


Scorpio feels emotions more deeply than any other sign. And because of this, they have a tendency to withdraw as soon as things feel wrong to them.

All of this is done to protect this inner self. Scorpios may cancel plans or stop texting them back, anything to keep a situation under control.

While it’s great that they know their limits and when to take care of themselves, it never hurts to counteract this nervous habit by approaching them instead of backing off.

Scorpios are very passionate about relationships and maybe even more comfortable with a little support.


Another sign that has a tendency to withdraw is Sagittarius, who when stressed might disappear to chill out and have some time to yourself.

They flee in real-time, they love their freedom more than anything.

It can look like they are canceling plans, taking a last-minute trip, or spending the weekend focusing on exactly what they want to do.

And as long as you don’t feel too isolated, just do what you have to do.


Capricorns deal with nervous energy by throwing themselves into whatever projects they have going on.

This can mean staying at work late or doing extra shifts – they just feel better when they’re busy.

But it can also go in the other direction that some ibex are stuck at home.

You either overwork or not come off the couch.

The best way for Capricorns to deal with stressful times is to find balance.

You can work and get things done, but you can also take plenty of time for yourself at the same time. In this equilibrium, they can feel better.


The moment the Aquarius feels nervous, they start to think too much.

They think about the situation until it loses its original meaning.

They may start stressing out about other unrelated things, or they may forget what stressed them in the first place.

While it is okay to think about a problem, Aquarius can benefit from taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and trying to see things clearly again.

Maybe it will help him to talk to a friend who will keep him in the present.


Whenever Pisces feel nervous or overwhelmed, they tend to withdraw by daydreaming or changing subjects.

They’d rather talk about life being simply a journey than contemplate reality here on earth.

It’s their way of putting things in perspective and can give them a break from what is stressing them – as long as they ultimately face it.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, be it through nervous habits like thinking too much, withdrawing or walking around the room.

If these habits work for you, that’s great. But if not, there are always other ways to deal with nervousness and stress that you can try as well.

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