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What Each Zodiac Hates The Most About Being Sick


You hate feeling unproductive. You hate knowing you could be doing other things but are too tired to accomplish them.


You hate not being able to kiss your partner. You hate keeping your distance to avoid getting them sick, too.


You hate not physically being able to do the things you’re mentally interested in doing. You hate how helpless you feel.


You hate relying on others to help you. You hate forcing them to go to the store for you and cook for you and pour medicine for you.


You hate the FOMO you’re struck with when you’re sick. You feel like you’re missing out on something exciting.


You hate feeling lazy. You know you’re only listening to your body and doing the right thing, but you can’t shake the guilt you feel.


You hate catching yourself in the mirror. You hate looking as bad as you feel.


You hate wondering whether your boss is going to be mad you’re missing work. You hate feeling like you aren’t meeting expectations.


You hate the way other people look down on you for being sick, as if it’s your fault.


You hate missing work and/or class. You hate feeling like you’re falling behind.


You hate that you don’t get to enjoy your time off because you’re miserable. You hate you’re finally getting a break and it sucks.


You hate spending hours and hours asleep. You hate feeling like you wasted a perfectly good day.

What Each Zodiac Hates The Most About Being Sick
What Each Zodiac Hates The Most About Being Sick

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