Zodiac Signs

What Each Zodiac Hates The Most About Their Heart In August 2022

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They have their walls up so high that they can’t remember what it feels like to tear them down.


They feel too much, care too much, hurt too much.


Their heart gets fooled easily. They fall for the wrong type of people all the time.


They have a soft, sensitive heart. They don’t take rejection or criticism well.


Their heart is still broken, still healing. They’re unable to let anyone inside.


Their heart is selfless. They give too much without expecting anything in return, and that can wear them down.

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They have a caring, generous heart. When their loved ones are hurting, they are hurting.


Their heart gets attached easily. They fall hard. And they get their heart broken all the time.


They have a selfish heart. When they want something, they don’t care who they hurt to get it.


Their heart is made of steel. Sometimes, they push people away without even realizing it.


They have trouble bouncing back from heartbreak. They take a long time to get over their worst moments.


They are overemotional. Every little thing bothers them. All their reactions are extreme.

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