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The zodiac couple who will live the hottest love story this summer

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The season of passions opened with the squaring of April 3 between Venus and Mars, which brought together the soul mates, gave free rein to forbidden loves, and created uncontrollable attractions between the zodiac signs.

Among the many loves that will be born in the summer of 2022, one will be stronger than all the others, surpassing them by the intensity of emotions and the depth of feelings.

The protagonists of this romantic story are considered the most sensitive signs in the entire zodiac. Their compatibility is maximum because both are fluid signs, that value intuition and the unrestricted expression of emotions. If we have aroused your curiosity, it is time to reveal to you what a golden couple of summers is. The winners of this coveted title are Cancer and Pisces, two zodiac signs whose meeting is blessed by the stars.

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The most beautiful couple of the summer: Pisces and Cancer

These two signs are made to be together, because they are similar in everything, but especially in terms of love. Their common element, water, bring these signs together and makes them release their torrent of feelings. Pisces and Cancer have a soul connection and protect each other, being attentive to each other’s needs. Both signs are prone to become deeply attached to partners, sometimes to the point of addiction. Convinced family man, Cancer is looking for a partner to offer him that dream home, where he can fulfill his potential. On the other hand, Pisces romantics fully benefit from the protection and devotion of Cancer, which they almost idealize.

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The stars foretell this hot love, especially since from April 20, the Sun will enter Cancer, causing the passion to ignite in his soul and body. Cancer and Pisces are excellent s*xual partners, who will enjoy intense pleasures in the bedroom. The solar eclipse on April 21 in Cancer will open the way for erotic experiments, which will bring the two natives even closer. The same thing will cause the lunar eclipse on July 5, considering that the Moon is the guiding star of Cancer and, in the eclipse, connects it with its most hidden desires.

In July, the Sun is in a trine with Neptune, the protector of Pisces, while on July 27 the planet of love is squared with the same star, master of romance and love projections. That is why Pisces will look for a person who willfully satisfies their need for love and be like them in the way they love. And what other sign is more appropriate than emotional Cancer? In July, Pisces and Cancer will culminate in a relationship that has blossomed since early summer.

On August 7, Venus enters Cancer and on August 27 is in a trine with Neptune. For the Cancer-Pisces couple, this astral configuration is equivalent to finding stability, after a long search. It is the time when marriage proposals may arise or decisions may be made to move to a new level of relationship.

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