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Today the stars reveal to us who are the zodiac signs that demotivate very easily.

Our astrological affiliation gives us distinctive characteristics that include strengths and weaknesses. Some signs are particularly stubborn and never give up, when they set a goal they reach it at any cost and then there are the signs that give up easily and are the ones that are part of today’s ranking.

Having perseverance and determination is not easy and it is not for everyone. This stubbornness differs from one sign to another. The signs we are about to tell you about today at the slightest hint of failure throw in the towel and get discouraged and goodbye hope. Are you part of them?

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Here are the zodiac signs that get discouraged the fastest of all

These signs do not have a solid and strong personal motivation on the contrary they tend to get discouraged too quickly and find it difficult to leave or stay on track. They always need someone by their side to remind them how much they are worth and how important it is to go all the way to achieve their goals.

Here are the signs that quickly demotivate:


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The first place in today’s ranking goes to the native of Cancer, a water sign that is usually very fatalistic. He tends to always think the worst and see the negative side of things. He’s always on who goes there because something could go wrong at any moment. When things don’t go as he would like he gets discouraged and loses hope. Furthermore, this sign develops a strong emotional dependence and works better in a team rather than alone, so if he is abandoned in his projects that are of a working and sentimental type, he will tend to abandon them too.


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Fish are great dreamers. They spend much of their time fantasizing about a dimension that is different from the real one. Bringing them back down to earth is a real feat, plus they are unstable natives given their enormous sensitivity and almost never have mastery of their emotions.   It doesn’t take much to make them feel tremendously discouraged and when they experience this sensation they tend to quickly let go.


The native of Scorpio is a very passionate sign, this passion extends to all areas of his life but everything changes when they are angry. Taken by anger, this sign feels destabilized, loses hope, feels the grip of failure, and quickly abandons all projects undertaken with the sole desire to take refuge in its calm and safe cocoon and recover from everything that went wrong.

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