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If You’re Feeling Entirely Unlovable, Read This

First, know that it simply isn’t true.

The stories you tell yourself are lies.

You are not the degrading words you whisper in your own mind as you stare at every perceived flaw, naked in front of a poorly lit full-length mirror, craning your neck and twisting in order to judge yourself more harshly.

How much time, how much energy are you wasting gazing at supposed imperfections that no one else sees? You are a beautiful being, inside and out, and you are exactly as you are supposed to be in this moment. When you tell yourself otherwise, you crumble your own foundations into complete disrepair. The world is tough enough on you, sweet soul. It doesn’t need you on the front lines of your own destruction.

You are not incapable, or trapped, or stupid.

You may think this because of the stories you tell yourself, or they may be stories that others insidiously, or even unknowingly, slipped into your subconscious. Perhaps you’ve been pinned underneath these poisonous narratives for so long that you truly see no escape. This is not your burden to carry. You are the only person who can free you from your own pain, no matter how much anger and hurt you feel towards your past. It was not your fault. It should not have happened, but it did. Now it is up to you to decide whether you continue clutching the blades of knives that others placed in your innocent palms, bleeding resentfully all over yourself long after they’ve gone.

You are not unworthy of peace, fulfillment, and love.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Those of you who feel this most deeply make it your mission in life to give those around you all the affection and fulfillment that you’ve always wanted yourselves. Maybe you do this because you’re hoping to receive it in kind. Maybe you simply know how painful it is to feel so intrinsically unworthy and want others to escape that same hurt. Either way, you have a precious and deserving soul. Every being on this planet has the right to a satisfying, joyful existence, whatever that means to each of them uniquely. You are no different.

You are not a bad or unredeemable human being.

There is good in you, probably much more than you admit to yourself. No matter what your history, no matter what you’ve done, said, or felt, you have value. It is never too late to change your path and shift directions, as long as you have the desire and the willingness to break down your former self in service to the new. Shut off that horrible, judgmental voice in your head that tells you change is impossible. There is nothing BUT change in life – it’s the only real certainty. If you feel lost, trapped, afraid to move into your own truth, know that you are not alone. Most humans carry the heaviness of suppressed emotions and fears all day, every day. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t suffer in silence. It’s not worth it.

The. Stories. Are. Lies. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are so incredibly lovable. There is not another person like you in the entire world. How shatteringly affirming is that concept? You are the only one, and you are perfect exactly as you are – your true self, your true essence.

Let go of the toxicity that only functions to push you down into despair. Most of the baggage you are carrying probably isn’t even yours. Someone else gave it to you. Give it back. Let it go. Put it down and walk on, light, free, trusting that you can find your way.

You, my dear, are not only lovable, you are pure real magic. Your very existence is a miracle. Walk into the light where you belong.

If You’re Feeling Entirely Unlovable, Read This
If You’re Feeling Entirely Unlovable, Read This

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