Zodiac Signs

Your zodiac sign reveals which fitness type you are!

For all those who still want to stick to their good resolutions when it comes to sports: It is worth taking a look at the stars. Because they tell you which sport best suits your personal zodiac sign.

Would you like to do sports again finally, but you just don’t know what you want? No problem, we have the solution! Just look here to see which sport suits your zodiac sign.


As an Aries-born you are a totally active person who likes to really work off. You are spirited, energetic and combative. The stars say martial art is an option for you. Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, wrestling, and boxing are sports that challenge and encourage you. You are also happy to hit a punching bag after work because you can really let off steam in the boxing gym.


Your main problem is getting yourself up when it comes to exercising. You can’t motivate yourself on your own. Even your friends can’t get you to go to a class or the gym. A personal trainer is right for you. This will put together your very own personal program and will let you run into top form.


As a Gemini, you always need variety in your life. You want to discover a lot of new things. In terms of sports, you are also curious about different courses. You would like to try different things. For your fitness, aerobics, pilates and yoga classes are suitable alternates.


You are an absolutely homely person. After a hard day at work, you don’t want to leave your beloved apartment to attend an evening class. Do you still want to do sports? Then simply roll out the yoga mat in the living room and do your personal workout with an online course or an exercise video. If that’s too slow for you, then why not try the numerous brisk aerobics videos?


As a Leo-born you like to be the center of attention. You like to be on the move. It can also be a little faster. You like to let out your energy while dancing. After all, you’re a real party animal too. If you don’t feel like hitting the dance floor, you can be found taking a Zumba or aerobics class.


Are you a virgin? Then you don’t just want to move a little, then you also want to be successful! Sports are suitable for you in which you can go home with very clear results. You have the necessary ambition and like competitive thinking. You are best suited to tennis, squash, badminton, or table tennis.


As a Libra-born, harmonious and slow movements are important for you. Sports that focus on balance, body control, and aesthetics suit your zodiac sign. Yoga, Pilates, acrobatics, or apparatus and floor exercises are all options for you.


As a Scorpio, you need a sport where you can really let off steam. You can live out your energy and dynamism in endurance sports. Spinning, indoor cycling, water rowing machines or treadmills match your zodiac signYou can really exhaust yourself and burn a lot of calories.


As a Sagittarius, you have a lot of vitality and usually go through life in a good mood. You like to spend your sporting activities with friends. Because for you it doesn’t depend on a certain sport, but you are a team player. Ball sports such as volleyball, handball or soccer are particularly suitable for you. Oh, how about water polo?


As a Capricorn, you are ambitious in all situations. When others are already out of breath, you’re just getting started. You are enthusiastic about the decathlon, triathlon or the Ironman in Hawaii on television. You are engaged in sports that require a lot of training, such as running a marathon or extreme swimming.


If you were born as Aquarius, then your element is already in the name of your zodiac sign: water. You like to be free and love it casually. In the water, whether in the sea, lake, or even just in the indoor pool, you feel free. Swimming, diving, water skiing, or surfing are sports that make you feel good.


As a Pisces, you are very sensitive and soulful. In your free time, you don’t like hectic exercise and find it terrible to be watched while briskly moving in the gym. First, you like to book individual lessons. For you as a calm fish, slow sports with a meditative background such as yoga, Qi-Gong, or Taijiquan (shadow boxing) are suitable.

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