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Your Weird Tendency Undermining Your Relationships, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries – Being too defensive.

You’re fiery, passionate, and impulsive; these things are your greatest strength and weakness. When you’re partner brings up something that hurt them, practice listening with empathy instead of immediately going on the defensive. Try to just listen and fortunate a response instead of a knee-jerk, emotionally generated reaction.

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Taurus – Not expressing love verbally.

You love hard and deep, but you don’t often say “I love you.” You prefer to demonstrate your love with physical touch, and that may suffice if your partner’s love language is touch, but if your partner craves those words of affirmation and expressions of appreciation, they may feel upset and hurt and may start resenting you.

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Gemini – Too fickle.

While you have a reputation for being “two-faced” you aren’t actually sinister… you are just a little too malleable and can change your mind completely with something as simple as a gust of wind. This can cause a lot of heartache to those who choose to love you- one day you seem completely devoted and obsessed, and the next day you’re unsure if you even want to be in this relationship anymore. You can fall in love easily and fall out of love just as easily. Try to go slow and steady and get a solid understanding of what it is you want so you don’t create a toxic emotional rollercoaster ride for your partners.

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Cancer – Holding grudges.

You are highly sensitive and if you’ve been hurt or wronged, you have a near-impossible time letting go of that pain. You may forgive… but you don’t forget. Instead, you carry it with you and this resentment poisons your relationship, causing you to punish your partner by either acting passive-aggressive or having the same fights over and over again. Practice letting go.

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Leo – Not compromising.

You are strong and powerful and know what you want and your partner better also want what you want! You don’t like to compromise and have a hard time when you don’t get your way. This can make your partner feel devalued or like they don’t matter. Practice having more empathy and realizing your way of doing things isn’t the only way.

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Virgo – Nitpicking.

You’re a perfectionist and overthinker, you demand it of yourself and others. But you can take it too far and drive your partner to the brink of madness. No one likes to be picked apart. It doesn’t feel good when you do it to yourself and it doesn’t feel good when you do it to others. Practice gratitude and seeing the good in others and especially in yourself.

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Libra – Passive aggressive.

You crave peace and harmony above all else. You want your relationships to be harmonious so you may bite your tongue when there are issues or something is bothering you. But this won’t make those negative feelings dissipate, instead, they will fester causing you to act passive-aggressive and leaving your partner baffled as to what went wrong and why your warmth has suddenly turned ice cold. Yes, conflicts are unpleasant, but they are an opportunity to grow even stronger as a couple if you can confront them together in a healthy manner.

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Scorpio – Secretive.

You play your cards close to your chest, that’s your thing, that makes you so captivating and mysterious and this is why people are so intrigued by you. But in a relationship, it’s not always a good thing to be so guarded, you have to let the wall down a little bit and let your partner in otherwise they will feel like they’re left out in the cold and that is not a healthy partnership. While love and vulnerability can be scary, you have to face your fear and push past it so you can enjoy the true benefits of an intimate relationship.

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Sagittarius  – Fear of commitment.

What you are most committed to is your adventurous lifestyle, it’s a big world out there and you want to know all about it. You fear losing your independence so if your partner impedes on that in even the slightest of ways you can shut down and be mean and moody. Remember, they are not trying to take anything away from you, they just want to be let into that grand life of yours even further.

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Capricorn – Not prioritizing them.

You are the most driven, ambitious, and motivated sign. You know how to get things done and make things happen but this comes at a cost and cause your partner to always feel like a second (or even third) fiddle. Your goals always come first, and this is appropriate at certain times, but it can’t be all the time. Your partner also needs to be given that priority treatment.

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Aquarius – Emotional detachment.

While there is a sensitive side to you, you can be cold and aloof. Your emotional detachment keeps you focused in your life, giving you the freedom to pursue ideas and knowledge without being weighed down by feelings, but it can cost you in your relationships. Sometimes your partner just needs empathy and a listening ear, not an deep dive analysis of the problem and step-by-step solution.\

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Pisces – Too moody.

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You can be a lot to handle in a relationship. You give a lot of yourself and then feel resentful when you don’t get it back and tend to fall into the victim role. No one is asking you to be a martyr in your relationships, so stop giving so much and becoming angry and moody when you don’t get what you think is owed to you.

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