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Your Thanksgiving Horoscope: Saturday, November 25, 2023

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You’re going to have a tough time holding yourself back when your great aunt Stella wants to share her uniquely racist and sexist opinions at the dinner table. “Being ‘born in a different time’ is no excuse,” you’ll think. And you’ll be right. How dinner ends is up to you and whether you want to risk a death match.

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You love family, but every year you come home a little more worn out. You’re starting to toy with the idea of just staying home and having your own little Thanksgiving without the travel and the tiring relatives. And, just like last year, you probably won’t come to a decision anytime soon. In the meantime, at least you’re going home with leftovers for days.

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You’ll go from sweet with your little cousins to spicy with your least favorite uncle. But rather than hating all the drama like some of the other signs on this list, you kind of live for it. You’ll be coming home with all sorts of stories to tell your inner circle, one-upping them for who had the worst Thanksgiving. And you’ll love every second of it.

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Thanksgiving is probably your favorite holiday. Family and food–how could anyone hate this? Not only are you staying up late the night before crafting delicious-yet-traditional Thanksgiving foods, but you’re also the one leading the gratitude at dinner. Some guests have anxiety about having to go around saying what they’re thankful for, but you’ve prepared your answer for days or weeks.

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There’s something so comforting about having your family bothering you about your achievements all night. “Oh, did you hear Leo got a promotion?” they’ll ask, and the murmurs will spread up and down the dining table. This is what makes the travel and having to cook a stupid side dish all worth it.

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Get ready for the burnout. This is supposed to be a holiday, a mini-vacation, but it feels like anything but. You’re putting so much pressure on yourself to get everything right, that you’re in danger of neglecting your own health and happiness. I promise no one is going to notice if the napkins are folded into perfect Pinterest-worthy shapes. It’ll be fine.

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You’re just here to have a good time, and that’s exactly what it’ll be if you have any say. If someone needs to find you, you’ll be flitting around the house taking pictures with everyone. And if anyone gets in a fight (here’s looking at you, Gemini and Scorpio), you’ll be there to break it up or help people find common ground. After all, this is about happiness and family, not drama.

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Speaking of drama, it seems to find you, doesn’t it? It’s not like you’re necessarily intending to start fights as soon as you get there, but if they happen you’re down to throw hands. You might even be the one planning on wearing the most political and expletive-filled t-shirt just because you know it’ll make your family mad. Hey, not everyone on the guestlist will hate you for it.

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You’re just there to eat food and have deep conversations with your favorite people. Thankfully you find it pretty easy to ignore the ones who aren’t. You’re sailing fine just as long as you’re not responsible for any part of the actual planning. You’d prefer to just float into the house, enjoy the food and company, and then float away like a leaf on the wind. None of the responsibility and all the fun.

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You’ve taken charge for this Thanksgiving, but that’s nothing new for you. Some of your guests might find the extensive lists and micromanaging of the food a bit “much.” Then again, without your lists, this potluck would just be filled with four different versions of green bean casserole and a severe lack of pumpkin pie. You micromanage because that’s how you show everyone you love them. And if they don’t like it, they can leave.

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You’re just along for the ride, Aquarius. You leave it up to everyone else to pick the place and time. They just need to point you in the right direction and you’ll be there. Luckily, your friends and family probably already realize that you’re not the kind of person who thrives on contributing to all the planning.

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You love your chosen family almost as much–or more–than the people you were born with. That’s why, even if you have a traditional family affair for Thanksgiving, you probably have at least one Friendsgiving to go to as well. Heck, you’re probably the one planning it. So now you get all of your favorite people in one place to gossip and drink wine and eat mashed potatoes and stuffing. Heaven.

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