Zodiac Signs

Your Platonic Soulmate, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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The friend you made in adulthood. Sure, friendships from when you were kids are great, but you’ve found that you connect way better with the people you’ve chosen as an adult. You fit together as you are now, in all your complicated and wonderful glory.

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Your mom. Relationships and friendships come and go, but what always lasts in the relationship with your mom. There are few connections more special than this. You don’t always see eye to eye and you may not even live in the same town anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from being your main person.

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The friend who puts up with your nonsense. You can be a little chaotic, and that sometimes mean people will float in and out of your life like leaves on the wind. The platonic love of your life will appreciate you for everything you are and will stick with you for the long haul.

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The friend who makes you feel safe. You don’t feel super connected to someone until you open up completely, but you don’t always feel comfortable doing that with everyone. Your platonic soulmate made you feel safe and listened-to from the moment you two met.

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Your hype man. This is the friend who gasses you up, even when you don’t ask for it. They think you’re great and aren’t afraid to tell everyone why. If you ever feel down, you know you can go to them to feel better.

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Your takeout delivery person. At this point, they know you by name and have your order memorized. Heck, if they saw you on the street they’d probably smile and yell, “two egg rolls, sticky rice, orange chicken!” It might sound like nothing, but this kind of thing just makes you feel warm.

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The best friend you’ve had since you were a kid. Other friendships have come and gone, but nothing beats the lifelong bond you have with your childhood best friend. No matter what life brings, you know you can always go to them when you need them.

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Your dog. Honestly, animals are better than humans anyway. Your pup gives you all the unconditional love that you’ve never really gotten from friends or family. They’ll never judge you. It breaks your heart when you think of your limited time together, but it’s all worth it.

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Your hiking buddy. It can be tough to find friends who are down to go on adventures with you, which is why you treasure this connection so much. You know that they’ll be down for the rough terrain and won’t complain or slow you down.

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The stranger you keep seeing around town. They seem to pop up at the same coffee shops and pharmacies you’re going to. You like to make up fun scenarios in your head about what their life might be like. Their your soulmate because of the possibilities and the mystery, which is frankly too much fun to pass up.

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Your cat. Sometimes people are just too messy and complicated. You love your cat, who is equal parts cuddly affection and quiet individuality. You can keep to yourselves all day and then come together on the couch to watch hydraulic press videos. AKA, your cat is perfect.

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Your sibling. There are friends, and there are siblings. For you, it’s both. Your brother or sister is your best friend and you can always come together to gossip about relatives or gently tease each other for your life choices. Honestly, you’d buy houses next door if you could.

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