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Your Part Of Fortune In Astrology: Insights For Every Zodiac Sign

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What is the Part of Fortune, also known as the Lot of Fortune or Pars Fortuna, in astrology? How does it reflect the intersection point of your sun, moon, and rising signs on your birth chart? And how might it impact your own life?

Part Of Fortune Defined

In modern times, many astrologers overlook what was once upon a time considered sacred astrological information in a birth chart. In particular, a placement once held in high regard, representative of one’s success and destiny, has been neglected for far too long. This point in our charts is called the Part of Fortune.

The Part of Fortune correlates to (you guessed it) fortune. By describing a person and their professional luck, this calculation imparts wisdom on the vocational paths that would suit them. Luck, optimism, growth, and magnetism are all part of its world. Known to ancient astrologers as “the place of happiness”, we find valuable insight in its realm.

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How do I find my Part of Fortune?

Your Part of Fortune can be calculated online with a quick Google search. This website can help you find your Part of Fortune sign and house placement by plugging in the date, year, time, and location of the event of your birth.

Part of Fortune in the Signs


If your Part of Fortune is in Aries, you find the most luck by being a risk-taker. Being your authentic self is of utmost importance. Falling into people-pleasing or following the naturally carved-out path wastes your potential. When you primarily follow, you neglect your leadership skills. When you stay inside the lines, you waste the natural benefits from pioneering. Careers involving entrepreneurship, authority, foresight, planning, physicality, defenses, or passion suit you.

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With the Part of Fortune in Taurus, luck finds you when you lean back and relax into your being. Your high self-esteem is like a magnet, attracting desires with ease and flow. However, when you fall into self-doubt, you sacrifice your happiness and progression in life. Your fulfillment comes from holding a long-term vision in mind and completing it with determined focus and loyalty to your desires. Vocations that allow you to step into sensuality, beauty, money, or resource management can support you. However, your concern is finding a reliable, stable, and sustainable career path as you resist career changes.

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Your Part of Fortune in Gemini is happiest when it can get into the world. Exploration, conversation, social skills, travel, and being a jack of all trades are all tools to your success. You likely have a natural charm when sharing your exciting ideas. Your salesman strength sells dreams, whether or not you can always see it yourself. You’re naturally passionate when speaking about what you believe in. Therefore, jobs involving sales, communication, speech, writing, education, socializing, and cerebral needs will bring the most joy.

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The joy of belonging and creating community is the key to a Cancer Part of Fortune’s happiness. Therefore, jobs that involve helping others come together, nurturing, healing, creating a safe space or home, home improvement, nature, or emotionally validating, can be uplifting. Taking on emotional demands from others can be where these individuals struggle. However, their powerful maternal instincts and wise intuition will always guide them to luck when they listen.

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With a Leo Part of Fortune, the individual should step into the spotlight. Careers within the arts, show business, creativity, and fun talents destinies are lined up for some with this placement. For others, the call to be visible will be more about taking leadership roles, authority, or monetizing hobbies and personal interests. When shying away from being noticed, they neglect their ability to shine. When avoiding taking charge, they allow their happiness to fade. For the most luck, they must follow their inspired passions and yearnings.

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The Part of Fortune in Virgo is efficient. When a project lands on their desk, they zero in on details, completing the task with professional grace. This native finds great success when choosing professions that highlight their sharpness. Intellectual vocations that involve education, teaching, writing, task management, resources, and scheduling keep their mind stimulated. Being of service to others and giving advice or practical help brings them luck.

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The Part of Fortune in Libra is hyper aware of the deep need for interpersonal relationships. This person excels in making connections when they allow themselves to interact with wide varieties of people. Career networking carries them into miraculous opportunities, as others find relatability in them with ease. Careers that utilize their charm, beauty, grace, likability, fairness, justice, sociability, and balanced approach bring success.

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The Part of Fortune in Scorpio showcases an individual who finds success as they follow their primal instincts and powerful perceptiveness. These individuals can see beyond the surface level of people and matters in life, allowing them to transform seemingly uncontrollable situations. They do well in professions that involve deep dives into otherwise taboo topics such as: psychology, spirituality, death, inheritances, or empowering the disempowered. As they allow themselves to use their dark hardships as fuel to change and grow stronger, luck follows them.

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A Sagittarius Part of Fortune is looking for the thrill of adventure and passion in life. They’re naturally lucky and able to attract ample opportunities and solutions. Being philosophically oriented, they do well in careers that allow them to be curious. Jobs involving traveling, teaching, preaching, spirituality, or mental stimulation enrich their happiness. A career that is ever-changing and allows them a reasonable amount of flexibility and freedom to fulfill.

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If your Part of Fortune is in Capricorn, luck finds you as soon as you set clear intentions. Decisiveness, directiveness, and productivity are your strong suits. A mountain of challenges doesn’t stop or scare you from achieving success. Tasks that others find daunting, you handle with instinctive professional grace. You do well in most jobs or occupations, as you are naturally inclined to excel at practical tasks. However, jobs that involve too much subjectivity, sensitivity, or emotional responsibility are likely not for you. A matter-of-fact vocational path leads you to the security you crave.

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When the Part of Fortune falls in Aquarius, the individual has incredible foresight. Able to see things projected into space and time, they usually know what is worth their time and what is not. Objectivity is their strong suit professionally, allowing them to see things from a bird’s eye perspective when others’ are getting lost in unnecessary details or concerns. Jobs allowing them to make a difference in society with their unique, revolutionary ideas feel the most fulfilling.

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Pisces Part of Fortune people have the superpower of intuition and mysterious knowing. Others may be confused about how they find themselves finding fortune solutions without strenuous effort or practical goals sometimes. However, their only task is to follow their inner guidance to discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Professions centering around emotional guidance or intelligence, spiritual wisdom, creativity, and artistry bring fortune.

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