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Your Odds Of Surviving SAW’s Most Twisted Traps, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Ever found yourself wondering how you’d fare in one of Jigsaw’s notoriously twisted games from the SAW franchise? No? Just me? Well, whether you’ve considered it or not, your zodiac sign might just hold the key to your survival odds. Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the zodiac realms to determine your fate in this hypothetical, yet hilariously morbid scenario!

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Aries, your competitive nature and inherent bravery are commendable, but in the world of SAW, they might just be your downfall. You’d probably charge headfirst into the challenge, determined to beat Jigsaw at his own game. While your enthusiasm is admirable, your impulsive nature could lead you to miss crucial clues, turning the game into a deadly race against time. Odds of survival: 50/50 – It could go either way, really.

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Taurus, your love for comfort and routine might not bode well in Jigsaw’s lair. The moment the tape starts playing, you’d likely be reminiscing about your cozy bed and questioning why you didn’t just stay home. However, your stubbornness could be your secret weapon, pushing you to persevere through the pain just to prove a point. Odds of survival: A surprisingly strong 90% – Never underestimate a Taurus with a grudge!

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Gemini, with your witty charm and adaptability, you might just talk your way out of this one. Your ability to think on your feet and communicate effectively could turn you into Jigsaw’s most unexpected adversary. However, your indecisive nature could leave you second-guessing every move, turning the game into a mental chess match. Odds of survival: A solid 80% – Just as long as you don’t talk yourself into a corner!

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Cancers, you lovely emotional souls, this might not be your playground. Your nurturing and compassionate nature could leave you distraught, sympathizing with fellow victims or even Jigsaw himself (hey, he had a rough backstory, okay?). However, your tenacity and strong will to protect could kick in, transforming you into an unexpected hero. Odds of survival: A tearful 60% – Bring tissues, you’ll need them.

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Leos, you live for the drama, and Jigsaw’s games are nothing if not theatrical. Your leadership skills and confidence might rally fellow victims, creating a makeshift team of escape artists. However, your need for attention could turn deadly if it means making risky moves just for the applause. Odds of survival: A dramatic 65% – Bravo, Leo, bravo.

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Detail-oriented Virgo, this might just be your time to shine. Your analytical mind and perfectionist tendencies could help you spot clues that others would miss, turning Jigsaw’s game into a real-life escape room. However, your tendency to overthink could leave you paralyzed by indecision, turning the clock into your greatest enemy. Odds of survival: A meticulous 85% – As long as you don’t get lost in the details!

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Libra, with your innate sense of justice and fairness, you might just find yourself trying to negotiate with Jigsaw. Your diplomatic skills could potentially turn the tables, creating a dialogue where there was none. However, your indecisiveness and need for harmony could leave you struggling to make the tough calls when needed. Odds of survival: A balanced 75% – Justice prevails, most of the time.

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Scorpio, your resourcefulness and determination make you a formidable player in Jigsaw’s twisted world. Your ability to remain calm under pressure and think strategically could turn you into the ultimate survivor. However, your secretive nature might prevent you from forming crucial alliances, leaving you to face the challenges alone. Odds of survival: A secretive 99% – You’ve got this, but do we really know how you did it?

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Sagittarius, this might just feel like another one of your wild escapades. Your optimistic outlook and love for a challenge could keep morale high, even in the direst of situations. However, your impulsive nature and lack of patience might lead you to take unnecessary risks, turning the game into a gamble. Odds of survival: A reckless 55% – It’s all fun and games until it’s not, right?

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Capricorn, your disciplined nature and strong work ethic might just turn Jigsaw’s game into another project to conquer. Your strategic thinking and patience could help you outlast the challenges, methodically working your way to freedom. However, your stoicism might come across as cold, potentially alienating potential allies. Odds of survival: A calculated 95% – You’ve got a plan, and you’re sticking to it.

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Aquarius, your unconventional thinking and love for problem-solving might just make you Jigsaw’s worst nightmare. Your ability to think outside the box could lead to creative solutions, baffling both fellow victims and Jigsaw himself. However, your aloof nature and tendency to detach emotionally might hinder your ability to connect with others, turning the game into a solitary journey. Odds of survival: An unpredictable 85% – You’re on another level, literally.

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Pisces, your compassionate nature and intuition might just turn you into the heart and soul of the escape team. Your ability to sense others’ emotions and provide support could rally the troops, creating a united front against Jigsaw’s madness. However, your tendency to get lost in your own thoughts could leave you vulnerable, turning the game into an emotional rollercoaster. Odds of survival: A heartfelt 70% – You’re in it with your heart, for better or for worse.

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