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Your Mental Age, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You have the drive and passion of a young self-starter that everyone can see success in, yet the leadership skills and power of someone with many professional years under your belt. Combining these two things puts you in your thirties, with a level head and a good sense of self, but still with much spontaneity, excitement, and competition to spice up your life. You’ll see these benefits both in your professional life and when it comes to your passions, too.


You might just be an old soul at heart, Taurus. With your love of cozy, quiet hobbies, your tendency to lean toward things like cooking and crafting, and your deep sense of loyalty and responsibility, your mental age places you in your sixties. You still experience bursts of sudden stubbornness when it comes to your passions (or anything that grinds your gears), but you’re also a deeply peaceful sign that enjoys living a loving, genuine life.


It’s your sense of curiosity and almost childlike wonder that gives your sign a young mental age, Gemini. This is a good thing for you – it keeps you learning (and might explain why you bounce around from interest to interest). You’re highly connected to your inner child, yet still retain a sense of maturity that keeps you driven in your daily life, lending energy to your dual nature. Practically, your mental age can vary, but when it comes to your curiosity and exploration, there’s no doubt that your mental age is even younger than a preteen.


You tend to be in your forties or fifties when it comes to your mental age and cancer. You’re still a deeply sensitive soul, and may carry with you many wounds from your childhood years. But your caring nature and your tendency to want to nurture those you’re close to make you mentally a little older. You place immense value on your friends and family and do your best to carefully foster and grow each of these relationships with the sincerity and effort that someone with life experience will. But you still tend to be emotional and can often be overwhelmed by your own empathy at times, which can vary your mental age slightly within the middle aged range.


With your flair for drama and your interest in being the center of attention, you tend to carry a more childlike mental age, Leo. You’re a creative person who has a unique and joyous sense of self-expression, preferring to set your trends rather than follow others’ lead. This gives you the best of the best when it comes to your childlike tendencies, as it gives you your bold sense of identity and natural confidence that simply never grows old. Your mental age can easily stretch from preteen to teenager.


It’s probably not much of a surprise to you that your sign tends to be mentally older. With your knack for organization and your love of methodology, you just can’t help but be the responsible one. This makes you intelligent beyond your years, whether you’re the parent of your friend group or just seem to have every skill you need for the perfect home and professional life. Generally, you tend to sit around the mid-fifties when it comes to your mental age, Virgo.


Your social skills, grace, and maturity pin you right around the age of thirty, Libra. You’re skilled and often a successful professional, yet you still struggle with setting boundaries and understanding how to advocate for yourself. Your mental age is of an adult who’s still learning about themselves; you tend to be more responsible and carry a deep sense of your values with you, but you don’t always know how to defend yourself.


Your sign often has a mental age of late thirties to early forties, although this mental age can vary depending on your sign’s interests and habits. Your deep connection with your inner self and the time it takes you to trust others makes you a more cautious – and even wiser – sign. But your sign also has tendencies towards being jealous, manipulative, and seeking control over social situations. These facets of your personality place you at a very young age, typically in your teens. When you skew more towards seeking a quiet, authentic understanding of life and those around you, your sign’s mental age is middle-aged. But if you notice you’re a Scorpio that possesses more of those other qualities, you’re likely to be much, much mentally younger than most signs.


Your sign can be a bit of a toss-up, Sagittarius. The reason for this is because you have childlike tendencies toward spontaneity and exploration, but you also have a profound sense of wisdom and love of philosophy that makes you wiser than most other signs. You carry with you a very youthful, optimistic way of looking at the world that keeps you young at heart no matter what, yet you also seem to have wisdom that stretches far beyond your age. Your wise side could put you in your fifties or sixties, while your spontaneity keeps you forever in your twenties.


Your mental age tends to pin you right around forty, Capricorn. You have a good head on your shoulders, a strong ambition, and probably have many accomplishments already behind you. At the same time, you still tend to overthink things and allow your anxiety to dictate your preparations when it comes to much of your life. You’re not at the point of not caring about what others think of you or overcoming all of your worries, but you’re certainly an impressively disciplined and accomplished person, giving you a middle-aged mentality.


Your complex personality puts you in your mid-thirties, Aquarius. You’re someone who tends to be young at heart, though you also have a logical and stoic side to you that might make someone think your mental age is in your fifties or sixties at first glance. But your drive to embrace the future and be a forward-thinker, your tendency to cast aside tradition, and your ever-evolving sense of self keeps you forever young. This makes mid-thirties the right mental age for you, Aquarius.


Your mental age tends to place you in your early twenties. You’re a dreamer, Pisces, there’s no doubt about that. You have big dreams and are ready to defy reality to achieve them. Your creative energy and wild imagination places you right at the age of someone who can still embrace the wonder of their childhood yet has the power and potential to achieve every dream they have. It’s a beautiful place full of possibilities for you to land, Pisces.

Your Mental Age, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Your Mental Age, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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