Zodiac Signs

Your Dating Reality Check, According To Your Birth Month For March 2023

In need of some tough truths when it comes to your dating life? Look for your birth month below to find out what you might not have wanted to hear, but should totally listen to.


You’re not the type to be in danger of trying to change someone. Instead, it’s more like you don’t notice their flaws at all. While it seems noble on the surface, it just means you need to open your eyes and realize that your taste in partners might actually be not so great.


If someone so much as looks like they want more out of the relationship than you, you clam up so fast you deserve an Olympic gold medal for the feat. If you keep rebelling against every moment of perceived restriction, you might just end up alone.


People are attracted to your strong and fun personality. The only problem is that they quickly get over the attraction when you’re quick to anger. If you want to keep your adoring fans around, you’ll have to keep your dark side in check.


You’re brimming with self-esteem, which means you don’t mind being picky about who gets access to your vibrant and exciting life. That’s great! But don’t let your ego turn your otherwise healthy self image into something so pompous that you think every partner is “dating up.”


You’re incredibly stubborn and act steel-hearted when you think you’re right. Remember that sometimes conceding and making your partner feel listened-to is better than “winning” the argument.


You’re the type to fall for people easily, crushing on anyone who shows you even a bit of kindness. While it’s great to be romantic, you’re often in danger of falling for bad people who take advantage of that naivety. Don’t absolve someone of all sins just because they brought you flowers once.


You pride yourself on being mysterious, which is probably why so many people are drawn to you. It also means you might be missing out on compatible partners because you’re scaring them away–though there’s a chance you just chalk that up to your mystique.


You are a fun balance between strong egotism and a propensity for caring for others–a dichotomy that some people find confusing. You do best with people who are equal parts independent and needy, which is honestly pretty difficult to find.


You’re often the calming presence when a partner needs to vent or unleash their daily drama. The downside is that you tend to keep your own problems to yourself, letting them bottle up and bubble over. Your quiet nature is often your relationship undoing. That kind of vibe isn’t cute.


If someone dotes on you, you’ll fall for them immediately. Conversely, if they don’t keep showering you with praise, you’ll start to worry that they don’t actually like you. The insecurity is attracting you to people you don’t like just because they like you. You can do better.


You always think you know best, and that’s because you often end up right. But your relationships keep ending because your partners feel less like an equal and more like your unexpected sidekick. Quit thinking you know better about someone than they do about themselves.


You loved to be loved and crave the attention of groups and individuals. Unfortunately, that means you get tired of people pretty quickly and may not be the best when it comes to monogamy. As long as your partners know what they’re getting into, you’re good. More than likely though, you’re blindsiding them the second you get bored.

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