Zodiac Signs

Your Biggest Regret In Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


As an Aries, your ego is your best friend and worst enemy. Your biggest regret is worrying too much about perfection rather than simply appreciating where you are.


As a Taurus, once you feel comfortable, you become stagnant and will avoid change at all costs. Your biggest regret in life is not doing things when you can. You want to accomplish big things without fear of change holding you back.


As a Gemini, you will regret obeying the rules and what life is supposed to look like rather than simply following your gut. You tend to forget that what your life feels like is far more critical than what it looks like on the outside.


As a Cancer, your biggest regret is not taking enough chances. You stay closed off in your shell to protect your soft heart. This leads you to become a bystander and watch others live their lives from the sidelines.


As a Leo, your biggest regret is not allowing certain people to prove themselves. You quickly dismiss anyone who doesn’t align with your lifestyle. You can soon judge, and it’s hard to alter once your mind is made up.


As a Virgo, your biggest regret is letting outside chaos disrupt your inner peace and mental clarity. You get bogged down by other people’s petty drama and get sucked into the nonsense.


As a Libra, you tend to withdraw from social obligations when you feel sluggish or overworked. Your biggest regret is not living with purpose or intention.


As a Capricorn, you can be rigid and intense at times. More often than not, you’ll choose work over play. Your biggest regret is not letting loose and enjoying life more.


As a Scorpio, you can be brutally honest and harsh with your words. This includes the people who you love and care about the most. Your biggest regret is treating people poorly when they only have your best interest.


As a Sagittarius, your biggest regret is your lack of holding yourself accountable. You tend to get caught up in the fun sides of life and save any important responsible for a rainy day.


As an Aquarius, you tend to overanalyze just about anything and everything. You care deeply about what others think about you, often to a crippling fault. Your biggest regret is not living in your truth and being what everyone wants you to be.


As a Pisces, you take criticism personally, especially when it slights your ego. Your biggest regret is letting other people’s words dictate how you live instead of taking things in stride.

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