Zodiac Signs

Your Biggest Emotional Trigger By Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Disrespect

Aries, you love taking action, and often act on insight prior to thinking processes through. Any sign of disrespect can leave you questioning your sense of self on a core level, as you deeply care about the impact you have on others. You take pride in your ability to initiate and serve as an effective leader.

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Taurus: Inability to Follow Through

Dependable and reliable Taurus, your love for security and stability touches every element of life. As you’ve grown relationally, you’ve likely learned how important the word “trust” is to you. Being unable to follow through or provide for yourself or others is a fear that can cause you to lose sleep.

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Gemini: Boredom

Perpetually in motion, Gemini, you strive for experiencing all of life’s many sensations. As the most communicative sign, you’re driven by spontaneity and movement. Your desire for stimulation may cause you shame in relating, as you recognize not everyone is as impacted by boredom or lack of intellectually as you.

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Cancer: Social Overwhelm

Sensitive and protective Cancer, you feel particularly vulnerable around new people. Being around many faces will likely stir an experience of internal discomfort. Caution around newcomers has likely developed as a coping mechanism, as you’ll go to great lengths to protect those in your inner circle. You deeply intuit the emotional states of others.

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Leo: Being Unseen

As the performer of the Zodiac, Leo, you naturally seek outward recognition. You’re triggered by not feeling energy reciprocated or sensing that others are pulling away. When relationships slow down, you naturally question what you did wrong. You deeply desire to help others feel included, and this may be a subconscious attempt to prevent yourself from feeling unseen internally.

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Virgo: Rudeness

Virgo, you strive to get to the root of every problem. With a keen eye for detail, a byproduct of not feeling as though you’re living up to your own standards is perfection-driven overanalysis. Self-criticism amplifies when others act with poor manners, as you take these experiences personally.

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Libra: Isolation

Your deepest desire is to love and be loved, Libra. With a deep affinity for aesthetics and beauty, you strive for connection in all walks of life. Known as the romantic of the signs, you have a knack for engaging the entirety of a room. You may subconsciously use relationships as a way to avoid feeling alone and shapeshift your opinion to keep peace.

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Scorpio: Abandonment

Sensitive and emotional Scorpio, when you forget your true nature, you allow fear to rule your life, causing you to act in ways you aren’t proud of. You’re often afraid of the depths of your own sensitivity, and long to share your tremendous capacity for loyalty and devotion with others.

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Sagittarius: Stagnation

Seeking adventure and expansion, Sagittarius, you’re constantly on a search for meaning. Your commitment to finding the truth leads to a sense of optimism and self-discovery. You enjoy change and engagement and are more triggered by a lack of movement than a surplus of it.

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Capricorn: Personal Insignificance

Disciplined and diligent by nature, Capricorn, your life journey requires learning how to soften and embrace an inner life. When triggered, you have a tendency to withdraw and double down on ambitious goals. More important to you than external achievement is a sense of inner accomplishment, and this is a gift only you can give yourself.

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Aquarius: Rejection

Forward thinking and culture shifting, you were made to march to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius. When others attempt to dim or change your expression, it triggers you into patterns of seeking conformity. A fear of not being accepted for who you are can quickly derail life.

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Pisces: Criticism

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Coming off as gentle and easygoing, others may be surprised to realize just how deeply feedback impacts you, Pisces. As the most spiritually connected sign, you value personal alignment. You’re in-touch with the dream-like nature of this life and strive to be the best version of yourself in every room you walk into.

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