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Your Best/Luckiest Day of 2024, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The astrological forecast for 2024 is characterized by a theme of change due to the fact that several significant planets affecting collective consciousness will enter new signs — including Pluto leaning into Aquarius, Saturn heading into Pisces, and Jupiter molding into Taurus. Despite the potential for some chaos, this shift also presents opportunities for positive alignments and deeper partnerships when it comes to our careers, our friendships, and everything else that we pour our passion into.

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With that being said, some future dates are sure to bring a lot of light into the atmosphere of each zodiac sign. So — below we’ve outlined the luckiest day of the year for you, based on astrology. Go get ‘em!

Good luck out there!


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Best day: April 11

Aries — the beginning of the year is going to pour a lot of beautiful energy into your life due to the fact that Jupiter is dancing through your atmosphere at the beginning of 2024. On April 11th, you are going to start to feel the impact of the sun and Jupiter linking up in the same degree of Aries, which will fill your Universe with an immense amount of luck and synchronicity. If you’d like to make the most of this powerful alignment, think about potentially starting a new project or leaning into a passion of yours. You cannot fail!


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Best day: May 17

Taurus — it has been a difficult few years for you, with what has seemed like an almost never-ending amount of intense eclipses in your energy. You have been challenged, and despite all of the pain, you are still here. There is beauty in that. Chin up, because your atmosphere is quickly transforming, Taurus. On May 17th, Jupiter arrives in your sign, which will initiate a season of positive growth, gifts, and all the rewards you could dream of. You are about to be blessed by the cosmos, and you will continue to be the Universe’s favorite child until mid 2024. Keep elbowing your way into the spotlight. This is your year.


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Best day: June 16

Gemini, prepare to feel like the luckiest person in the world when the dreamy moon meets up vocal Mercury in your sign close to the end of your season. This means that a lot of beautiful news is going to pour into your life, and your environment is going to breed a lot of sweetness. On June 16th, the Universe is holding an ear to you and listening intently. Ask for what you want, Gemini. Be specific. Anything that you hope for or speak into existence during this day is going to come to fruition for you, and it is going to level up your life on so many levels. What you desire is yours. Let the cosmos spoil you.


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Best day: May 8

Cancer, as the protector of the zodiac, your happiness is primarily linked to others feeling your love. It is through caring for those you admire that you feel purpose in your life. However, on May 8th — the tables are going to turn. Prepare to receive the same love and affection you so selflessly give to others as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign. This means you will benefit from Venus’s connective source, which can bring forth blessings like increased love, friendship, harmony, and beauty. To take advantage of this energy, arrange a talk or activity with someone you have a strained relationship with. This day offers a great chance for showing empathy and repairing broken unions, and while it may be a difficult conversation or experience to weather, you’re in need of it, Cancer. You dislike being at odds with those you care for — so take a step towards them. The Universe has your back here.


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Best day: August 16

As a Leo, it’s no surprise that the best day of the year for you falls within your fiery season. Leos always radiate the most charm and ambition during the sun’s yearly journey through their sign. 2024 is no different, however — on August 16th, you are on the receiving end of some additional celestial support, as the new moon in Leo appears on this day, pouring added magic into your life. Wishes and goals set on this day are especially potent, so it’s wise to plan ahead and make your requests count. Leo, if you ask the Universe for what you want, if you speak all of your passion into this world, the cosmos want you to know that you are going to achieve anything you can dream within your mind. It’s all up for grabs, so reach out your hands.


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Best day: September 6

Virgo, even though Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in your sign on September 6th, it also aligns in a fortunate manner out there in your atmosphere. During the first week of September, Mercury is slated to form a precise conjunction with the sun, creating a cazimi configuration. Despite the usual fear and disorientation that is often associated with Mercury-retrogrades, on this day, you may actually feel a clear sense of direction for your future. Due to the heightened energy in your Universe on the 6th, wishes made on this day have a higher likelihood of being fulfilled and becoming a reality for you. Sometimes there is a silver lining, Virgo. It’s time to start wishing upon the stars.


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Best day: March 1

As a Libra ruled by the aesthetically oriented Venus, you have an immense appreciation for life’s finer things. You are always self-indulgent when it comes to beauty, and the cosmos are on your side, because on March 1 you’ll be pleased to know that the atmosphere is going to be ultra-luxurious. On this day, Venus joins forces with the abundant planet Jupiter, which has a tendency to amplify things. This results in a strong energy of excessive luxury. Venus and Jupiter are regarded as the two luckiest planets in astrology, so any union between them is always positive. Despite what you have been told, the Universe is trying to teach you that more of a good thing is never too much, Libra. Embrace your taste.


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Best day: October 12

Get ready to feel motivated to take action and embrace your goals fearlessly, Scorpio. On October 12th, Mars (your energetic ruling planet) enters your sign, giving you the determination to achieve wherever you set your beautifully mysterious mind to. This makes it an ideal day to launch something you have been thinking about creating, and to trust that the hard work and passion you put into this world will be received with open arms. Also, on this day — Mars will be forming a favorable trine with Saturn, the planet of discipline, which means that you’ll be highly motivated to follow through and reap the full benefits of your efforts. Not only are you being rewarded with vitality and vision, but you’re also being gifted all of your wildest dreams, Scorpio. Don’t stop now — keep going.


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Best day: November 25

The weekend after Thanksgiving could bring a beautiful, lighthearted kind of happiness into your atmosphere, Sagittarius. This isn’t only because your season will be at its powerful peak, but also because on November 25, Jupiter, your lucky ruling planet, aligns with the moon. This makes it a perfect day to focus on your personal desires, to really reach into yourself and figure out what you deeply crave from your life. At the same time, the sun in your sign forms a majorly favorable aspect with Pluto, providing you with extra charisma. This added energy will amplify your natural charm, making it more noticeable to those around you. You cannot fail. The Universe is asking you to take inventory of what sparks your heart, Sagittarius — whatever you reach for, know that it will reach back.


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Best day: February 15

As the most hardworking and disciplined sign of the zodiac, you thrive when your talent, intelligence and effort are acknowledged, Capricorn. February 15th is going to come along and pour that kind of reciprocity into your life, as the energy of the day symbolizes hard work being celebrated. Saturn, your ruling planet and the embodiment of discipline, forms a favorable aspect with the sun. This could result in you gaining higher status, being promoted, or taking on additional responsibility when it comes to the very thing you’re passionate about. This is all you have ever wanted, Capricorn. Embrace the praise.


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Best day: March 23

Aquarius, as Saturn concludes its multi-year transit through your sign in early March, finally releasing you from its demanding and disorienting energy, a new opportunity presents itself on March 23. When transformative Pluto begins its decade-long journey through Aquarius — your sign is going to experience an immense amount of progression and self-development. While Pluto’s impact will be significant for all zodiacs, it will have a particularly strong effect on you, Aquarius. Pay attention to anything that happens on this day, as it marks the start of a significant evolution.  Remember — something lucky or destiny-driven may initiate a new chapter in your cosmic path. It’s time to open your eyes!


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Best day: February 14

On Valentine’s Day, you can expect a boost in romantic energy, Pisces. Your planetary ruler, Neptune, aligns with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enhancing the passion-filled atmosphere you are experiencing in your life right now. You have always been a daydreamer — but this is a different kind of dream. It is one you can hold. With that being said, February 14th is a great day to embrace the romantic energy that you hold within yourself, as well. Do not apologize for feeling things so deeply. Express, express, express. You are protected, and your emotion is highly favored. It is time to risk your heart, Pisces. It is time.

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