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Find out what you will most easily regret about your past based on your zodiac sign.

There always comes a time in life when memories are linked to regrets. It happens to those who are sentimental and always projected the world of what has been and even to those who tend to keep their gaze fixed on the future. Regrets can be sweet and bitter or painful and it all depends on the extent of what is left on the road and, of course, on the possibility of recovering it. Regardless of all these factors, however, regretting something always causes a set of emotions that can upset or change the day. And if we all sooner or later find ourselves having it, the nature of what we will regret is to be traced back to the way of being, to the character, to the experiences made, and in part even to the stars. For this reason, today, after seeing what the perfect autumn look is for our hair and which are the signs of the zodiac that will soon feel more charged, we will find out what will be the thing that we will regret most in the past based on our zodiac sign. Since it is an aspect that has to do with feelings and emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a precise picture of what awaits us and a possible solution to suffer as little as possible.

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Horoscope: What you will regret about your past based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The times when you put duty over pleasure
Of you, it must be said that in life you will not have big regrets because you always know what you want and how to get it and you are not the type to leave certain things behind without a reason. However, if we want to talk about regrets, it is likely that sooner or later you will find yourself rethinking that party or that trip that you have chosen to give up for love or because you were too busy with work. It is therefore a mild regret that you will be able to counter with the knowledge that you have succumbed to pleasant moments so many times that it is more than justified in having even thought about duty from time to time. Regretting the past moments, therefore, should not be an excuse to stop engaging in what you do because by looking at the results you will realize how the sacrifices have been worth something.

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Taurus – The way you handled that relationship went wrong
As a romantic person, as you are, it is almost normal that among your regrets there are those related to feelings. In particular, you will often find yourself thinking about loves lost forever and how you handled the situation at the time. You will probably also find yourself making comparisons between you then and what you are now, reasoning on the fact that being able to go back you would certainly act differently, perhaps saving certain relationships. The truth, however, is that what you are today is also due to those stories that went wrong and without which you would still be you today. When these regrets arise, you will then have to hug and smile at how you have grown,

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Gemini – Some choices you made without following your heart
For an instinctive person like you, one of the regrets you will have about your past will be that you have made certain decisions with your head rather than your heart. It will not happen for all the times you have done it but for those in which you felt you had to move differently, only to give in to the insistence of others or the fear of making mistakes. These are roads that in the end will not have brought you where you wanted and therefore you will consider completely useless. If you notice it, however, every time you have chosen wrongly, the awareness of having to make decisions for your happiness and not for how the world would want you to move has become greater within you. It can therefore be said that although the regret is strong, certain choices have prepared you for others that are perhaps more important and for which you will have chosen and will follow your heart, aware of past mistakes. Seeing it this way, regret will certainly hurt less.

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Cancer – The many moments in which you preferred to isolate yourself
If there is one thing that you strongly risk regretting, it is the moments in which you preferred to isolate yourself rather than seek confrontation with friends or relatives. Although you are a decidedly touchy person, affections are a constant that you care a lot, and putting them aside out of spite or because in your way wounded by attitudes that you consider wrong is a wrong move that you have done quite often in the past and that you still tend to repeat. To avoid regretting people whom you have helped to push away from your path, it is therefore important to learn to accept different opinions, comparisons, and even discussions because even if now you find it difficult to believe it, in reality, it is precisely from these moments (if overcome) that the relationships become stronger and more lasting. As for the others,

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Leo – Having “woken up” too late
You are not a person who tends to regret. Your life is mainly based on the present and the future and therefore you do not run the risk of suffering from something that in the past went differently than you wanted. If we want to look for a small regret, however, this can be found in the awareness of having lost important opportunities. As much as you are an active person looking back you will always find moments in which you have not faced the challenges with the determination of always. Moments that at times you tend to look at with a certain melancholy and at others with the regret of not being able to go back to change them. It must be said, however, that what you are today is the result of every missed opportunity and that it was thanks to defeats or moments of surrender that you were able to build your strengths and learn to face life in any situation. One reason why you might try to smile at small regrets, reminding yourself that today you are who you are thanks to them.

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Virgo – Having given too much weight to the thoughts of others
If there is an error that you have often encountered and which is still recurring in your life, it is related to your giving importance to the thoughts and words of others. Although you like to say not to give it weight, the opinion of others has always influenced your choices, leading you to give up or feel bad for opinions with which you did not feel in tune. A situation that still drags you behind, albeit to a lesser extent, and that has led you to miss several opportunities or to live badly some moments of your life that, instead, you could have savored more lightly. Unfortunately, what has happened cannot be remedied but it is true that the teachings received from each experience remain and that in your case translate into a greater awareness of your experience and of the importance that you should give first of all to yourself.

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Libra – The missed opportunities
When you look at your life, you tend to perceive it as a journey full of positive and negative experiences which, all together, form a mix of memories that you will carry with you forever. If we talk about regrets, then, the ones you are most destined to feel are those related to lost opportunities both for lack of time for bad choices that over the years have led you to say no even when, perhaps, you would have liked to live certain situations. Being very attached to your loved ones, you will end up regretting every time you have chosen to be alone or not to share precious moments. Likewise, you will feel a kind of melancholy in rethinking some choices that you could have made differently. Starting from these feelings you can start to rebuild as much as you can, creating opportunities for yourself and embracing every moment that you deem capable of bringing you peace of mind. In this way you will give greater value to each regretful moment, making it an important step for your moments of happiness today and in the future.

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Scorpio – The missed moments in the family
Being far more sensitive than you want to show, your regrets will surely concern your loved ones and, in particular, your family. The future sees you grieve for every missed opportunity. For birthdays you haven’t been to, the gathering occasions for which you didn’t have time, and even the days when you chose to be alone rather than with relatives who didn’t feel like you at the time. These are situations that you will come to regret and that will lead you to wonder where you went wrong, making you think that different moves could have led you to a more rosy and serene present. In reality, however, your every choice, even if you don’t remember it now, was the daughter of a situation and the same can be said for your no. For this reason, when there are moments of regret, the right thing to do is to remember that things were different at the time and that you did your best. Any experience is however a point for a new departure, able to give you back if not the past ties, those that you will still be able to recover or create from scratch.

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Sagittarius – Dreams let go
Your life has always been a succession of commitments and challenges to face. Many times, however, you have preferred to put aside some possibilities to give yourself moments of leisure, travel, or days to spend in the company of your friends. Although you have fully enjoyed every single moment, regrets are always around the corner and with them the possibility of finding yourself thinking about those dreams left at the bottom of a drawer so as not to put yourself in the game once again. These are things that can be overcome but which in some moments tend to weigh like boulders. Fortunately, you have a presence on your side that for better or for worse you managed to build and that in some way represents the realization of a dream. And it is to your present that you will have to cling to whenever a regret presents itself before you.

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Capricorn – The leisure time you missed
For you, life has always been a duty to face, so much so that even today you struggle to put aside your daily commitments to enjoy moments to live lightly with the people you love. If we talk about regrets, however, your future is destined to have several and all linked to those times when you said no to staying an hour longer at work, to attend to chores that in hindsight you could have avoided. or to rest after a tiring day. Living, however, is something else and if time will make this important lesson understood only later in the years, today you could commit yourself to changing things to avoid the moments to regret accumulating between them.

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Aquarius – The times when you haven’t taken care of yourself
Your life is a continuous alternation between commitments and moments to be lived in total relaxation to savor every useful moment and able to make you feel serene. All this collides with a desire for rest so high that you do not take care of yourself as you should. This applies to both your health and your physical fitness which you should safeguard from time to time. Among the things you will regret will therefore be the time when you have chosen to do other than take care of yourself. The occasions in which you could have cultivated friendships that you preferred to let go of and the times in which, to laze around, you did not choose to live a few moments to transform into memories. These are situations that are impossible to recreate but which can help you understand what you are facing, pushing you to open up more to life and the need to take care of yourself a little more. This way, the future will see you with fewer regrets and more pleasant memories.

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Pisces – Opportunities lost out of fear
For you who are indissolubly tied to memories, the risk of facing even strong regrets is high. Among these the most important are those related to your affections that are no longer there and to all the situations to which you said no for fear of the result. If for the former you can do nothing but keep indelible memories to live within you, for the others you can instead do a lot, putting aside regret and working on how to change your way of doing. Accept that fear does not have to guide you and that, first of all, it is important to embrace life with all the opportunities it puts before us.

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