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This Is How You’ll Lose Her, Based On Her Zodiac

If you don’t want to lose your girlfriend, you won’t push her buttons and you’ll make sure to respect her boundaries. Nevertheless, you don’t know what it is you shouldn’t even think of doing if you want to keep her by your side.

That is why we are here to help you out by telling you what will make your girlfriend walk away from you, according to her zodiac sign.


One of the sure-fire ways to lose an Arian girl is allowing the spark to die out in your relationship. It is not being romantic after the honeymoon phase is over and changing your ways once you see that you’ve won her over. You will lose an Arian if you don’t keep on reminding her what butterflies feel like and if you start treating your loved one like a roommate or a sister instead of as your lover.


If your girlfriend belongs to this sign, you will lose her if you even try playing with her trust. Taurus is known as a sign whose trust is difficult to earn and if this girl starts believing you and considering you trustworthy, it is a big deal. Remember that once you lose a Taurus’s trust, there are no second chances for winning it back.


One thing common for all Geminis is their strong and unique personality. It is their independence and emotional liberty they always strive for. So, the way to losing a Gemini is through controlling them. It is through trying to change the essence of who they are and trying to make them fit into social standards.


You lose a Cancer by not being clear about your emotions. By acting indifferent. By making her second-guess your intentions. By sending her mixed signals and by making her feel emotionally neglected.


If you want to lose a Leo woman, just start comparing her to other women. Don’t get me wrong—this doesn’t mean that this girl has low self-esteem, she just doesn’t even think of allowing you to humiliate her by checking out other girls or flirting with them while you are taken.


You lose a Virgo by not being consistent and by changing your mind about important things all the time. You lose her when she sees that she can’t count on you and that you are anything but reliable. Once she sees that you can’t keep your word and that all of your promises are actually empty.


If you don’t want to lose a Libran, forget about endless second chances and about constant forgiveness because you will definitely lose her if you keep on breaking her heart in the same way. Pay attention to the things this girl is telling you and work on them, before she leaves you because she’s had enough.


You lose a Scorpio by being too boring and by allowing your relationship to get into a rut. By not challenging her and by agreeing with everything she does and says. By not giving her the excitement she needs and by not working on keeping the passion alive.


You will lose a Sagittarian if you try to stifle her sense of freedom. If you try to make her feel caged and imprisoned in your relationship. If you try to make decisions on her behalf and if you try controlling her in any way possible.


If you want to lose a Capricorn woman, you’ll do it by refusing to put a label on your relationship. By keeping her trapped in some kind of an almost relationship and by trying to lead her on. By not giving her the place in your life she deserves and by not treating her the way one should treat a girlfriend.


One thing common for almost all Aquarians is that they value their personal space over everything. No matter how much an Aquarian woman loves you, she will always need some time for herself.

So, if you want to lose her, you’ll do so by being too clingy. By not letting her breathe and by suffocating her with your neediness.


You will lose a Pisces by being dishonest with her. Remember that women of this zodiac always prefer the truth, no matter how toxic and painful it is. She will always forgive you more easily for a mistake you’ve made if you just come clean about it. On the other hand, if you try to get yourself out of trouble by lying about it, you’ll just make things worse.

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