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The Worst Way To Flirt With Every Zodiac Sign

The world of flirting is vast and there are thousands of ways to win someone over, but not all of them work for everyone. Each person has a different personality and it is impossible for everyone to like to flirt in the same way. If you want to know what is the worst way to flirt with each zodiac sign, read on:


Aries is super direct and all he wants is for you to be the same with him. He is super passionate and gives himself up thoroughly when he sees someone trying to play the game of flirting, but it is difficult for him to see the signs. If someone tries to keep up the game of persuasion by giving little compliments, Aries will never notice, they will simply think that they are a kind and generous person. Aries likes to be rushed from minute zero.


Taurus has things very clear, he is a responsible and logical person. He likes to be down to earth, but he also has a great sense of humor. It is true that when it comes to flirting he is a bit shy, but when someone really likes him, he lets go of his hair and there is no turning back. Of course, the worst way to flirt with Taurus is with sarcastic comments and jokes that do not make any sense. Those things Taurus hates.


Geminis are one of those people who listen when someone really interests them and that is why the worst way to flirt with them is by purposely ignoring them and paying attention to other people with the intention of making them jealous. Gemini will simply believe that that person is not interested in him and that he has no chance. Geminis do not waste time and if they see that someone is not paying attention to them, the only thing they will do is turn the page.


Cancer is a super-sensitive, detailed, and loving person, but can also be quite paranoid. That is why the worst way to flirt with him is by looking at him from across the room with the intention of provoking him because he will not pick up the signals. The only thing he will think is that he has something stuck in his teeth or that something is not working with the outfit he is wearing. He’ll think about everything except the flirting game.


Leo has always been the center of all eyes so he is very used to everyone wanting to be close to him. That’s why the worst way to flirt with him is by making risque comments. Leo will simply think that he is another person with who all you want is to spend a night of passion. So NEXT! or not, it all depends on the moment …


Virgo is a very intelligent person and tends to hunt things on the fly, but the worst way to flirt with him is to act like a friend. If someone simply cares about how they are, about how they are doing at work, or about how their family is, Virgo will see that they are being a good friend. Virgo needs to be stimulated and tested 24/7 to enter the game of persuasion.


Libra has a special character, he is shy, but sociable at the same time and that makes him have a personality with a very special combo. If someone tries to flirt with him by touching his hair or laughing at everything he says, Libra will simply think that he is nervous because it happens to him too. He will not understand that it is a way of flirting and the only thing he will do is try to calm that person who only wants to conquer his heart.


Scorpio will have everything you want, but it is highly valued. He is an intelligent, mature, and intense person. Everything lives to the extreme. That is why the worst way to flirt with Scorpio is by picking on him, teasing him, denying him everything, and making him feel inferior because he will never get the signals. These behaviors have never liked Scorpio and less if they are to try to flirt with someone.


Sagittarius has always been very direct when it comes to flirting, they don’t like to beat around the bush and if they like someone they just tell them. If someone tries to flirt with Sagittarius by complaining that he is single and saying that he wants a relationship, Sagi will not get the signals. You will just think that that person needed to talk to someone and vent. Better to be clear and not beat around the bush …


Capricorn is a very loyal and committed person. When someone likes him, he goes for it and gives it his all in the flirting game. That is why the worst way to flirt with Capri is to ignore his messages to get his attention because basically, all he will think is that that person who ignores him does not want to know anything about him and will turn the page as soon as possible. Capri has not come to this world to waste time.


Aquarius is a super smart person who needs his mind to be in constant motion. He likes to surround himself with creative people who work hard when it comes to flirting with him. That is why the worst way to flirt with Aquarius is by showing off material things. Aquarius is much more than that and they may impress you, but they will never win you over.


Pisces is pure feeling and feels things with great intensity. He likes to flirt with his best weapons. He is super detailed and will take everything into account. Pisces likes to be conquered from the heart, but not from the heart of social media. That is why the worst way to flirt with Pisces is by liking all of his posts because all he will think is that that person wants him to do the same with theirs. Pisces needs affection yes or yes.

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