Zodiac Signs


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According to astrology, each zodiac sign has a specific fear regarding a relationship. Find out more in the Astro point.

Love is not without fear. Fear of being betrayed, of letting go, of expressing love, there are so many apprehensions that can oppress us, thus hijacking our romantic relationship and bringing it and being a nightmare. It is often this intrinsic fear of love that gives us an intense sense of existence.

When we love, we feel a multitude of emotions. Butterflies in the stomach, dizziness, intense excitement but also fear as soon as the loved one seems to escape us.

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According to the celestial configurations, each sign has apprehension about its relationship which can turn into a nightmare. What if we rely on the stars to better understand what the fears of our hearts are when they beat faster?

The fears of each zodiac sign in love


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The natives of this sign, usually bold, lose their means when Cupid has planted his arrow. Their greatest fear in love is that their partner will be able to hold them back in their ambitions. And for good reason, Aries doesn’t do things by halves when they’re passionate. They tend to merge with their loved ones, thus obscuring their aspirations to fully experience their relationship.


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Tyrannized by the fear of being betrayed, Taurus is gripped by an intense feeling of insecurity when they fall in love. Their attachment to values ​​such as loyalty and honesty makes them vulnerable to the test of betrayal. This fear results in somewhat suspicious attitudes.


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Natives of this sign have a terrifying fear of commitment. Their duality makes them uncertain and somewhat extravagant in love. True artichoke hearts are reluctant to be emotionally dependent on their partner. Exclusivity? Too little for them. They want to live a relationship full of uncertainties and twists.


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Cancer feels dizzy when someone falls in love with them. And since their exacerbated sensitivity makes them prone to suffering at any moment, the slightest disappointment is likely to annihilate them because their expectations are high.


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Natives of this sign are often reluctant to share attention with their partners. These zodiac narcissists struggle not to live in the shadow of the beloved. To have a harmonious love relationship, they will need to show more kindness.


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These lovers are the eternal victims of their high expectations. And their eternal obsession with control doesn’t seem to help them. They are tyrannized by the injunction to compromise and refuse to be conciliatory. Their desire to live exclusively by their principles makes them reluctant to make concessions.


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Like Gemini, natives of this sign struggle to commit to love. They are terrified when their partner requires exclusive attention. And for good reason, they need to please and be constantly reassured of their power of seduction.


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The hottest sign of the zodiac gets a real fever when he falls in love. Their only fear? That their partner doesn’t have the same passion. To be happy, they need to feel exalted by their partner.


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Natives of this earth sign are apprehensive during the first few days of a relationship. Their constant feeling of uncertainty about their feelings stings them to the point that it haunts them. Their biggest fear is having the impression of taking root as a couple. Arrearage has the gift of irritating them to the utmost degree.


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Like Aries, natives of this sign make their ambitions prevail over their romantic relationships. They are therefore constantly afraid of losing their individuality by taking into consideration the needs of their loved ones. To be satisfied in love, they need an independent and passionate partner.


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The biggest fear of the natives of this air sign is feeling misunderstood by their loved ones. To fully experience their relationship, they need to be alongside a partner who appreciates their eccentricities and volatility.


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Eternal romantics, these zodiac lovers cannot commit to a relationship devoid of passions and twists. Their excessive expectations are often disappointed by the prevailing cynicism.

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