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If women don’t want physical closeness, what should you do?

Intimacy is very important in any relationship. In any healthy relationship, there needs to be a certain level of intimacy, which depends on the personality types of the partners. Women are particularly emotional, so it’s not common when women don’t want physical closeness.

In these situations, men feel strange and don’t know what to do to bring the intimacy back to a higher level in the relationship.

Certainly the man did not discuss this with the woman for two reasons.

First, he is afraid to bring up the subject because he thinks that at that moment his partner will end the relationship or admit something bad.

Secondly, however, he has tried to talk about it and address this topic, but the woman always denies everything and immediately jumps to the next topic.

All he knows at that moment is that he feels something is wrong and that his wife doesn’t want physical closeness.

Even if the man sits next to her, she gets up in a few seconds, as if she has something important to do or as if she is suddenly very thirsty.

It is very important to find out the reason for this in time because the more you wait and don’t tackle the problem, the worse and more serious the situation will be over time.

Physical relationship is an important part of a romantic relationship. Because you only have physical closeness with your lover and this distinguishes the love relationship from other types of relationships.

If women don’t want physical closeness, then there’s bound to be a problem, either in the relationship or in their personal lives.

Now the question is, what should you do if you notice your wife becoming distant and always running away when you hug or kiss her?

If women don’t want physical closeness, what should you do?

First of all, it has to be said and emphasized that it doesn’t exclusively mean that the relationship is over.

But it certainly means there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Maybe she needs help but doesn’t want to ask for it.

Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that another man is a reason why the woman does not want to be intimate.

Or the relationship is no longer up to par and she has found that she needs something else.

Before you determine something, you have to consider everything and know the person.

Only the partners can know that something is wrong in a relationship because every relationship is unique.

Also, people show their love and affection in different ways. And the degree of intimacy is also different.

There are couples who don’t show their love with physical closeness much. But if your wife suddenly acts strange and runs away from you when you want to kiss or touch her, then something is wrong.

In this article, let’s find out what happens when women don’t want physical closeness.

1. She wants love

When women don’t want physical closeness, the most common reason is because they want to feel love.

She wants to feel affection and know that the man loves and appreciates her and doesn’t just want to be intimate with her.

The women are all very emotional and sensitive, although sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

Women can do many things and achieve many things, but they always need their man by their side, who supports and loves them.

When a man only potentiates physical closeness and doesn’t show affection in any other way, then the woman begins to doubt his love.

They immediately distance themselves from their partner and expect them to notice and do something about it.

Because she wants her partner to be her support at the same time.

You also have to find the right moment and know if she wants to be intimate with you or not.

Her happiness, her sorrow, her feelings for and towards you are important factors in deciding whether or not she wants to be intimate with you right now.

That’s why you have to show love to the woman and be there for her so that she can be intimate with you.

2. Intimacy is the last thing on her mind right now

Most women today juggle a variety of different and sometimes conflicting roles and responsibilities in their daily lives.

It used to be different because women were only housewives and had time for their partners.

Women have many obligations in today’s world and this definitely affects the intimacy in their love life.

Maternity, household chores, professional requirements and then the relationship with you! There is a lot to do and you have to pay attention to many things and be attentive.

At the end of the day, intimacy can feel like just another chore she needs to do rather than something she wants.

The brakes of women are sensitive. They curb intimate desires when they have too many commitments and too much stress.

Be her partner when it comes to running the household and looking after the children.

She will appreciate and will also feel loved, which we have already mentioned and explained in the previous section.

The more you can contribute, the less overwhelmed she will be.

That way, the two of you will also be intimate in a different way than just physically.

3. She feels pressured

As with all other things, the pressure does not bring anything good. Such is the case with relationships and especially with intimacy.

Perhaps there is a gap in desire between you, whether in general or just at this particular stage in your life, and you are very aware of it.

The woman shows it openly and clearly that she doesn’t want to be intimate with you and that she hasn’t felt like it for a long time.

Feeling this deviation — or feeling like your partner is always asking for intimacy when you don’t want them — can make the person with the lower libido feel pressured to be intimate.

You may have put pressure on your partner, but didn’t realize it until now.

Some of the pressure comes from the idea that you should be intimate. Part of the pressure comes from knowing your partner is unhappy.

The pressure could also come from the fact that it’s a rule that you should be intimate with your partner all the time, which isn’t the case at all.

Also, the pressure on the intimacy one has is much greater since it happens less frequently; you feel like there’s a lot more at stake every time the two are intimate.

You two know each other best. There’s no reason to pressure anyone.

You can talk to your partner about anything you want.

And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in the next section, when we’re going to explain the reasons why, what happens and what to do when women don’t want physical intimacy.

4. Communicate honestly and openly

The key to dealing with a lack of intimacy in a relationship is honest, nonjudgmental communication.

This sounds very simple, but in practice it requires a lot of commitment and openness, which is sometimes difficult to achieve.

There’s no way around it. Jumping head first into a relationship can be discouraging. Instead, start small with a little self-disclosure.

If the two of you don’t communicate enough, it often happens that you distance yourself from each other physically and don’t know what the other partner might want to change in the relationship.

Mutual self-disclosure is essential to building trust and closeness. With trust comes vulnerability (and vice versa!).

You’ve probably noticed that when the two of you work a lot during the week and don’t see each other much, that you distance each other a bit too.

Self-disclosure also creates a communication norm that facilitates difficult conversations later, which can make it easier to manage conflict situations and to tell your partner what you really feel.

Because if you both talk a lot and constantly, it’s much easier to start a serious conversation.

Now is also the time to ask your partner how happy they are with your relationship. This is scary!

But that’s the only way you can really understand what’s going on in your partner.

And no matter what he will say, you will at least know what you are both working on and what you should improve.

Are there any topics that you both avoided?

Definitely. So take this moment to talk about it.

Above all, the communication process must be based on reciprocity and be free of judgements. Try to listen more than talk.

Now is not the time to demand more intimacy but to understand what is happening with your partner right now.

5. She needs time

This reason only applies if you are both early in the relationship.

Of course, the woman needs more time to get to know you and relax around you.

Maybe you’re hoping to turn that date into a torrid night now that you’re both on the same page and ready to be intimate.

But the thing is, even if she’s up for some fun and intimacy, she’s not ready for it.

She might like you too, but she won’t want to sleep with you right away.

And why? She needs time to build a better relationship with you, to get to know you better, and to know if she’s comfortable with you.

She wants to know that you’re serious about her, too, and that you’re willing to commit and build a long-term relationship that might lead to an even more serious move as well.

Yes, that might mean ending the evening with dinner and a sweet kiss on the cheek, but nothing more.

That’s okay too, because if you both wait and work more on your relationship, the intimacy will be much deeper later on.

Wait until the next date or until she’s comfortable enough in her own skin to walk the path herself.

Forcing her won’t make you go any faster, in case you’re wondering, and no, ultimatums never work with women.

But what if men don’t want physical closeness? Find out in this article!

6. There are other problems in the relationship

Problems in a relationship are often interrelated. There are other things to consider as well to understand why women don’t want physical closeness.

If you’re struggling with other issues in your relationship — a constant argument, an affair, disagreements about decisions related to children or work or money, literally anything — these tensions can surface in your love life.

Because a woman cannot relax and be intimate with you when you are both struggling in another area of ​​your life.

That’s understandable, too, because you can’t just ignore something and move on.

There is a mutual relationship between relationship satisfaction and intimate pleasure.

For example, if the two of you are angry with each other or if you had a fight about something yesterday, it’s also normal not to want to be intimate with your partner.

Address the ongoing conflicts in your relationship. Both be open and put all cards on the table no matter what they say.

Ask your wife how she feels about the relationship, about you, and about your life together, and consider how you can put your relationship back on a good footing.

Also say how you feel and what you would change in your communication and relationship.

Because the needs of both sides must be met for the relationship to be or become healthy.

7. She doesn’t enjoy it

If your relationship is relatively new, she may not feel open enough to tell you that she doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

Women often experience pain during intercourse, but for various reasons are ashamed or afraid to talk about it with their partner.

We’ve already mentioned one reason, but there could be several reasons why the woman doesn’t want to mention that she isn’t enjoying this moment between the two of you.

The problem is that when the brain associates intimate experiences with pain, it creates and reinforces a learned negative response. Automatic dislike is often the result.

Since our brain is connected to our entire body, it can mean that she avoids being intimate with you because of the pain.

After some painful experiences, a woman might come to the conclusion that she just doesn’t feel like it anymore.

And that fear is difficult to overcome. This takes both patience and time.

Women generally need far more foreplay time and time for their brains and bodies to become adequately aroused than men.

That’s just how the female body works.

Talk to her about her experiences. Ask her if she ever feels pain.

Ask her if everything is ok, if you should or can do something else.

Ask what types of foreplay she enjoys. Be bold and ask her what else she might like.

8. She punishes you

Yes, you thought that this was only possible in movies, but the reason women don’t want physical closeness can also be because they want to punish a man.

You did something wrong – you forgot to do the dishes, you forgot to bring her her favorite dessert.

The answer is simple, you have to remember what you did that your wife doesn’t like at all. 

You were flirting with your boyfriend’s girlfriend, you didn’t pay her enough attention at the last party.

You are the one who might best know the reason for this.

Or you just said something that you don’t remember but she does, and it wasn’t what she wanted you to say.

don’t ask us But you did something wrong, and now she’s punishing you in the only way she knows works – by denying you intimacy!

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