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Women Born In These 3 Months Will Be Your Favorite Exes

Breakups don’t have to be miserable. They don’t have to be full of fights and mixed signals and uncertainty. Sometimes, your exes can become your closest friends once the pain starts to fade away. It all depends on how the breakup goes. Overall, these birth months are going to be your nicest exes, the ones that you don’t have any ill-will toward because they handled the breakup with maturity and kindness:


People born in March have a tough time letting go, so they are going to try their hardest to stay connected to you. Even though you might not be dating anymore, they will check in on you from time to time and wish you a happy birthday. Even if a friendship isn’t in the cards for the two of you, they are going to want what’s best for you from afar. They won’t wish you any harm and they won’t be fighting to ‘win’ the breakup and make you jealous. They will genuinely hope the breakup is for the best and that both of you will thrive now that you have gone your separate ways. No, they are not immune to moments of anger and bitterness and resentment, but overall they will treat their exes with kindness as long as they are shown the same kindness in return. They have no interest in fighting dirty.

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People born in August might say some things they regret while the breakup is actually going down, but if you can move past those heated moments and forgive each other, they are going to be one of your favorite exes. After all, they don’t hold onto grudges. They don’t stay angry for too long. Their anger burns intensely at first, then dies down. This is the ex who will be willing to help you out when you’re struggling and answer your phone calls at any time of night because they still care about you, even if you haven’t spoken in months. Maybe one day they will even be able to go on double dates with you because they genuinely want you to find the love you deserve. And they know they deserve love too–it just wasn’t with each other and that’s okay.


People born in October are gracious, generous, and gentle with their words. They aren’t going to blurt out the first thing that crosses their mind in the heat of the moment. They think through what they’re going to say and how it’s going to impact you. Since they have great impulse control, they aren’t going to hurt your feelings intentionally or unintentionally during the breakup. They are going to express how they’re feeling in the most respectful way possible. They will answer whatever questions you have to help you gain closure, but they won’t place the blame on you. They will admit where they’ve done wrong and will apologize. They will make sure you know the breakup wasn’t all on your shoulders. It takes two to make love last, after all.

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