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Wish Fulfillment Is A Very Real Thing For These 4 Zodiacs On January 28

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Virgo is too easily caught up in what they have to do, that they can lose sight or become out of touch with what it is they actually want to do. They are so responsible and dependable to a fault, and won’t let that pile of laundry go unwashed or that favor denied, even if it means missing the adventure of a lifetime. But today, something clicks into place. Maybe it’s seeing someone else achieve or enjoy the very thing Virgo deemed impossible for themselves. Maybe it’s reaching their own limits when it comes to self-denial. Whatever the spark that ignites outrage at their own passivity towards the dreams that have been within their reach the entire time, they are at least finally awakened to their current reality. They do have the time, the means, and the motive to life the life they imagine for themselves when no one is looking.

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Aquarius doesn’t know how to ask for what they want or need. They have been programmed to worry about the needs of others before themselves. To not inconvenience anyone. To be the only one responsible for their happiness. But the truth is that we live in a world where no one can truly do anything alone. We barter and trade our time for money, our money for commodities and services and experiences. Once Aquarius corrects the flawed assumption that good things will come their way if they are patient enough, and starts articulating their own desires, they will be shocked to find how much easier everything becomes. They won’t need to quietly hide their own disappointment or dissatisfaction. The things that have seemed too small to complain about historically are the ones that are most easily remedied, and suddenly they are free from a cage built out of a million tiny unspoken resentments.

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Libra has always wished for more time. Time to do it all, please everyone, check every item off of their list. But wish fulfillment becomes real for them today once they realize that list needs redacting. With one less project to complete, one less person to please, one less chore calling their name, everything would seem more manageable. What they really need is a reckoning and a lesson in radical prioritization. Health and wellbeing has to come first. Those doctor and dentist appointments that have been kicked down the road need to happen, and then it’s time to look at everything that was getting in the way of Libra’s ability to take care of themselves. Where is there actual enthusiasm, and where is there pressure and obligation. It’s not about blowing off all responsibility to sit on the couch and watch TV, but about identifying the things that are hard and also most rewarding.

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For Pisces, wish fulfillment begins today with action. A search, a query, an application. Sitting down and pursuing a good idea instead of chalking it up to an enjoyable daydream. You can, indeed, book that flight, find a new job, embark on a new learning journey. The hardest step is always the first. Making the dating profile, doing the research, creating the budget. Letting that initial hump be the barrier to your own success and enjoyment has been a terrible decision thus far, but lucky for you it’s not too late to backtrack and take a different approach. Advocate for yourself. Be your own biggest cheerleader. You can and you will witness your biggest and longest dreams come true, and you won’t have luck or anyone else to thank but yourself. Thank yourself today, for the favors you will do yourself in the future. It’s guaranteed to put you in the right mindset to begin.

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