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Why You’re Lost In Loneliness, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You’re lonely because you convince yourself that the people in your life are two-timing you. Whether it’s your friend, your significant other, or just someone you’ve starting seeing, you’re convinced they have other people in their lives they’ve been prioritizing over you.

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You’re lonely because you’re too afraid to admit you care. You don’t want people to see how attached you are, so you play it off like it’s no big deal or like you don’t care at all. The problem is, people don’t always respond well to that, and sometimes you find yourself driving away the people you love the most.

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You’re lonely because people just don’t seem to get you. You’ve learned to ignore the haters and get along on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t crave deep human connections. The problem is, you’re a difficult creature to understand, and most people can’t seem to handle all your thoughts and feelings.

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You’re lonely because you don’t have anyone you can fully open up to. You’re so used to people coming to you with all their problems but they never seem to be there for you when you need them. You wish you had a friend like you so that maybe you could finally get everything off your chest and feel a little less alone.

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You’re lonely because you aren’t getting the attention you want. You’re the kind of person who can feel alone in a crowded room if people don’t take the time to listen to what you have to say. You still have plenty of people around you, but you can’t help but feel frustratingly unseen.

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You’re lonely because you focus too much on your work. It’s easy for you to get lost in what you’re doing, but when you step away you realize you’re the only person in the entire room. You wish you could share these moments with someone, but no one seems to want to wait around when you inevitably get pulled back into your work again.

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You’re lonely because you can’t make up your mind about people. You can’t stand to be alone, but your opinions on people seem to shift every day. One day someone will be your best friend and a few weeks later you don’t want to talk to them at all. You can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever meet someone who stays in your good graces forever.

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You’re lonely because you’re so used to spending time alone. Sometimes you like it, but only if it’s on your own terms. The problem is, people are so used to you living like a hermit that they don’t think about the fact that sometimes even you need a friend around.

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You’re lonely because you spend so much time finding yourself that you forget that sometimes it’s nice to have other people along for the journey as well. You’re not afraid to take the road less traveled or go off on an adventure alone, but sometimes you wish you had someone by your side to explore the unknown.

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You’re lonely because you don’t know how to open up. You crave intimacy and connection, but you have too much pride to easily give into it. People can go years without really knowing who you are, and sometimes you just wish you had someone who really understood you inside and out.

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You’re lonely because you push people away. You can be a little extreme, so if something does something you don’t like, you’re not afraid to cut them out completely. The problem is, everyone messes up now and then, and eventually you’ll start to feel like you have no one there for you at all.

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You’re lonely because you’re lost in your own thoughts. Even when you’re surrounded by close friends you still find yourself lacking human connection, either because they can’t understand you or they just can’t read your mind. It’s like you’re trapped inside your head and all you can think about is how alone you really feel.

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