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Why You’re Bored Of Life Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You need a challenge, Aries, in the form of a person, a project, a passion. So many aspects of your life have become too easy—effortless, even. It’s time to take a good look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about why. Are you only putting your hat in the ring when you know you can excel? Can you remember the last time you were really at risk of failing? The cure for your boredom is to conquer this fear and begin a path to true growth.

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There are just things money can’t buy, Taurus. New clothes, concert tickets, plane tickets, speeding tickets—no matter how much you spend, the boredom you feel still remains a constant. You keep trying to shake things up, but with temporary distractions. What you need is an overhaul to your routine. It’s time to seek out habits and rituals that bring interest and value back into your everyday life. Pick up a book, turn on the news, take a stab at meditating. You’ve been feeding your mind potato chips and it’s time for some foie gras.

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You’re too popular, Gemini. Everyone wants to spend time with you. Friends, family, coworkers. And while you pride yourself on nurturing these relationships, saying yes to everyone leaves you with little time for those dreams on your bucket list. So you need to plan ahead. It’s not about escaping on a week-long vacation a few times a year but blocking off pre-planned “Me” days to set the agenda however you please. Carving out time to do the things you want will finally let you look forward to the future instead of being overwhelmed.

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You’ve been playing it safe, Cancer. While your pragmatism and realism do keep you out of trouble and plenty of drama, they leave little room for surprise. Calculating and analyzing have protected you in the past, but they also lead you to seeking out the same people and situations that let you feel in control. It’s time to put some trust back in yourself and step outside your comfort zone. You can spot a red flag a mile away, but it’s time to give someone else’s freak flag a chance. Allow someone the opportunity to be quirky and honest and genuine, instead of just what you expected.

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Leo, you need quality, not quantity. It’s hard being this magnetic, but you can’t fit everyone within your inner circle—that’s not the place for friends of friends or acquaintances. Without being cliquey or snobbish, you need to find a way to prioritize the social interactions where you feel the most genuine chemistry. The conversations that have the most depth. The people who make you feel most at ease. Because what you’re really bored by is surface level interactions. Stop expecting anyone to be able to get past them, and cherish the few who can.

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Virgo, your level of organization rivals a museum curator, but while all of that work is satisfying, it’s not fun. Making a mess is fun. Getting your hands dirty is fun. Spending the day in your pajamas not checking email once is fun. Take some time just to entertain yourself. We both know you know how, even if you pretend not to. I promise you can have your apartment looking like it was staged for a magazine afterwards and no one will be the wiser.

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Libra, the thing about being so balanced is that it requires both your feet to stay on the ground. Your boredom is caused by an overdose of realism and a lack of imagination. The things you long for most seem impossible. You couldn’t possibly spend that money on a trip, or take that time off of work. But why? Do you really have a good reason to back up your behavior? Or are you just intimidated to plan any of it out? The internet, my friend, is a very helpful tool. Take some time to put that mood board together. You just need to visualize things before putting them into action.

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You’re looking for romance, Scorpio. Not butterflies or attention or notifications from a dating app. Good old fashioned romance. But the thing is you have to really open yourself up to someone if they are going to get to know you well enough to really fall in love. To move from the dating phase into the sitting-on-the-couch-in-your-pajamas-watching-movies-laughing-so hard-water-shoots-out-your-nose phase. What bores you is people trying so hard to make a good first impression. You’re ready to let it all hang out with the right person.

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You’re tired of clowning around, Sagittarius. While you’ve always got a joke in your back pocket, surrounding yourself with similar people can be exhausting. It gets old after a while once you start to see the coping mechanisms hiding behind the humor. You crave honesty. You’re tired of sitting at bars, pretending to have the time of your life. You don’t want to talk about sports or reality TV with a bunch of acquaintances. You want confidantes who can talk about their fears and regrets. People you can share your worries with to feel less alone.

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You’re constantly being underestimated, Capricorn. You’re tired of being a one-trick pony, surprising everyone with how good you are at karaoke or being the first one to bungee jump. You’re bored by how boring everyone assumes you to be. You want to be more than simple shock value. So it’s time to speak up. You’ve been too humble for too long. Don’t be afraid to be proud of your talents or your accomplishments. They are yours and no one else’s. And there’s no need to dim your shine to boost other’s egos.


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You’re looking for real, meaningful change, Aquarius, and you’re tired of taking the grassroots approach. You’ve volunteered, you’ve sent emails, you’ve knocked on doors, but the change you want to see in the world has not manifested. You want to debate on a stage bigger than talking politics at the kitchen table with your uncle. Your boredom comes from impatience, so it’s time for you to go big or go home. Take a center stage role in the cause you’re looking to champion. Your influence will be increased by taking on more responsibility.


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Pisces, you find the world around you lackluster compared to the world you create in your head. But you can’t place the blame on everyone else. It’s time for you to dedicate more time to seeking out the spaces and people you belong with. Like Belle, you need to ditch the aspects of your life you find provincial and figure out what enchanted castles are hidden within your neighborhood. Seek out the unknown and unappreciated. You’re likely to find a new home amongst them.

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