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Why You Struggle With Self-Confidence, Based On Your Birth Month


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re (wrongly) correlating your worth to an outside factor, like your appearance or your success or your relationship status. You feel like you must not have worth until you reach some imaginary goalpost that you’ve decided is important.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re much gentler with others than you are with yourself. You would never judge strangers over the things you’re constantly criticizing about yourself. You give them grace that you deserve too.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re seeking validation from outside sources. You are placing too much emphasis on the opinions of others. You are aiming to impress them and look good for them instead of doing what makes you feel the most comfortable.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re relying on one specific person to make you feel beautiful. Although it’s important to date someone who compliments you and encourages you, you shouldn’t need constant reassurance from them. Their opinion isn’t the be-all, end-all.


You struggle with self-confidence because you have internalized the nasty things people have said about you while disregarding the compliments. You automatically believe the negatives while questioning the positives. You have trouble taking compliments at face-value and assuming they’re genuine.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people in the past. People who tore you apart when they should have been uplifting you. People who have pointed out your weaknesses and underplayed your strengths. People who never deserved you in the first place.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re a people-pleaser. You want to keep everyone happy, entertained, and comfortable, even if that means sacrificing your own happiness and comfort. However, you need to remember, it’s impossible to please everyone. That’s why it’s so dangerous to look for validation from others.


You struggle with self-confidence because you keep making comparisons. You are looking at everyone else with kind, open eyes while judging every little thing about yourself. You have convinced yourself that the rest of the world is superior to you, when really, you are simply beautiful in different ways.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re too hard on yourself. You feel like you’re never doing enough. Even when everyone is telling you you’ve done a great job, you feel like you could have done even better. You feel like you haven’t reached your potential and you’re kicking yourself for it instead of celebrating how far you’ve come.


You struggle with self-confidence because everyone else around you does too. You’ve been taught that it’s normal to criticize yourself, to make fun of your ‘flaws’ and vocally wish that you looked (or acted) different. You weren’t taught that it’s okay to love yourself. It’s important to treat yourself gently.


You struggle with self-confidence because you’re sensitive and take the slightest comments (and glances) to heart. Even when you’re initially feeling good about yourself, that can change in an instant the second that someone looks at you funny or gives a back-handed compliment. You give others too much power over your mood.


You struggle with self-confidence because you consider yourself a work in progress. You are always striving to improve and never consider your best good enough. Since you don’t want to settle, you don’t want to give yourself too many compliments. But you deserve to feel good about yourself. You don’t have to suffer to improve.

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