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Why You Should Love a Woman Born Under the Zodiac Sign of Pisces

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The Pisces woman is a magical being from another world

You can’t help but fall in love with a Pisces woman. Her soul attracts you as soon as you see her, and your heart feels the love on the spot. Her wisdom instantly reveals to you that you are dealing with a sensitive soul. Reality isn’t always her favorite place to live, and you often see her smiling and daydreaming; they often try to manage their time differently so that they don’t fall into the routine and cope with everyday tasks and hard and strict rules.

Ruled by Neptune and symbolized by two fish, this water sign has a highly emotional, empathetic, and extraordinarily sensitive personality.

The Pisces woman often possesses intuitive characteristics and sometimes uses these gifts to help other people, to make the world more beautiful and better.

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Pisces woman. General characteristics:

Keywords: sensitivity, friendship, romance, passion.

Romantic destiny: He will marry the moment he knows he has put his life in order

Hidden Power: The gift of premonition

Qualities: friendly, sociable, attentive, sensitive, understanding

Compatibility in love: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini

Lucky stone: aquamarine

Lucky numbers: 6, 9, 15

The realm of fantasy and dreams is often where the Pisces Woman feels most comfortable. She likes being alone because she is in a strong connection not only with her soul but also with the Universe. And when he falls in love, he tends to pour all the love in his heart into the other person. She is sentimental and has a soul in which there are only beautiful emotions.

Never make fun of her empathetic personality – the world needs more dreamers and good souls. The Pisces woman is here to show us what a man should be and to teach us all how to be gentler, more loving – not just to each other, but to ourselves.

Pisces women in relationships

The Pisces woman is the ultimate romantic of the zodiac; often it is completely lost under the fantasy of love. The boundaries are blurred for her when she loves. With a very natural and sensual style, she manages to attract you and make you fall in love with her instantly – just like a mermaid who draws sailors to the shore with her divine song.

It’s easy to fall under her hypnotic spell and get lost – but the relationships she has throughout her life are often unrealistic because she tends to fall in love with completely mismatched souls.

When in a relationship, the Pisces woman becomes consumed with her partner’s problems and is attracted to men who have emotional problems because she feels the need to heal, protect, fix, and fight.

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11 Reasons to Love a Woman Born Under the Sign of Pisces

1. is sensitive;

2. is attentive;

3. he has a wonderful soul;

4. loves with all her being;

5. would never cheat;

6. dedicates himself to the relationship he is in;

7. knows the art of compromise;

8. she is honest and says what’s on her mind;

9. she is passionate;

10. wants to heal, help, save;

11. he wants something serious, he has no time for play.

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