Zodiac Signs

Why You Get Attached So Easily, Based On Your Zodiac

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They mark off every standard you have on some list.

You fall for someone and when they meet a few of the things you hope for in someone then you deem them as perfect. But people aren’t meant to just be some checklist of yours.

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You don’t.


Your history.

You don’t get attached easily but when you do it’s someone you’ve run in circles with over a long period of time.

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They keep you at arm’s length.

We always want the things we can’t fully have and you crave this person more than anyone because they are so close but also so far away. They say they want you but will never commit.

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You think it’s love at first sight.

You already have thought about your wedding and it’s 50 shades of aggressive.

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The sex.

You didn’t wait long and that’s okay. But you become emotionally attached very easily to people you have good sex with and that’s kind of all you’re thinking about until you see them again.

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The physical attraction.

When you are physically attracted to someone you tend to forget about the other parts of who they are. The physical attraction is so strong that sometimes you choose people who don’t have anything else going for them. But then you convince yourself it’s right because you do want them to be.

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You can’t have them.

You are attached to the chase. You love the game of it all. You like someone who is close but keeps you at arm’s length or maybe it’s someone you shouldn’t be in a relationship with and there’s thrill to keeping it a secret.

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You jump ahead too fast in your head.

One good date and you’re already thinking about taking the person home to meet your family.

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You become as obsessed with them as they are with you.

Being the relationship type you are just looking for someone to change your status and when you find someone who has potential you act fast and just get aggressively too into the relationship.

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You’re trying to get over someone else.

You’re at a point where you just need a new relationship and they came in at the right time.

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You fall for the idea of the person rather than who they actually are.

Pisces live in a fantasy world sometimes judging people for who they want them to be rather than who they actually are. Building someone up in your head only leads to expectations they can’t even amount to because it’s not real.

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