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Why You Didn’t Get What You Wanted In 2023, Based On Your Birth Month

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Because you were constantly on the go and working hard, but you never gave yourself time to relax or recharge. So by the end of each week or month or even the end of this year, you barely had anything left to give.

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Because even though you are extremely ambitious and motivated, you often developed a detrimental tunnel vision about whatever you wanted to accomplish, and had a hard time being flexible or adapting to unforeseen obstacles.

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Because you were so busy taking care of everybody else that you forgot to take care of yourself.

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Because even though you’re highly adventurous and enthusiastic, you made the mistake of assuming that everyone should care about the exact same things that you did, instead of accepting the fact that everyone has different goals and you should enjoy and learn from the differences rather than getting frustrated by them.

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Because you let fleeting emotions like anger and restlessness have too much control over the decisions you made.

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Because you cared just a little too much about what other people thought of you; you’re a very compassionate and sensitive person, which are two qualities you should always be proud of – but sometimes those qualities caused you to lean a little too far into obsessing over what other people thought of you.

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Because when you were struggling or needed help, you kept your problems and worries to yourself instead of letting yourself lean on the people who care about you most.

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Because even though you have a great inclination towards leadership, you let the good aspects of it get overshadowed by the negative aspects – you let your fearlessness and enthusiasm get overshadowed by your stubbornness and pride.

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Because you spent too much time criticizing others’ mistakes and your own mistakes, instead of focusing on just improving yourself a little bit more every day and not worrying about anybody else.

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Because you let other people tell you how to feel about yourself, instead of making decisions on your own and finding validation internally.

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Because instead of focusing on putting all of your best effort towards one or two things that you really cared about, you tried to do a million things at once, and were only able to contribute 10% of your effort to each thing.

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Because you were only able to see things from your own perspective, instead of being able to be adaptable, flexible, and accommodating to other people’s opinions and points of view.

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