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Why It Feels Like Something Is Missing, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot

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Your Card: Three of Pentacles

That sense of dissatisfaction that you feel for life right now is because you’re not moving forward with your ideas. Usually, you act with such boldness and fearlessness, but you’re allowing self-doubt to hold you back right now. You’re lacking confidence in your skills, maybe because of a lack of experience or fear of failure. Aries, you know your strengths and weaknesses well, and are perfectly aware of where you need to hone in on your craft or technique. The only way to gain faith in your abilities is to develop them over time. In order to feel more fulfilled, you need to initiate the new project you’ve been conceptualizing or the willingness to commit to your vision. Just start.

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Your Card: Son of Cups

Taurus, you stopped allowing yourself to be led by your heart. The Son of Cups is a sign that you’ve closed yourself to new experiences. There’s romance, self-expression, and vulnerability missing from your life. You haven’t been able to admit to yourself that you’re craving warmth and affection. This card encourages you to embrace your emotional side—confess your feelings to that person you can’t quit thinking about, go on a date to start your quest for love, start a difficult or vulnerable conversation with your partner. It’s also a call to lean into your imagination and creativity to get in touch with your intuition and feelings. The Son of Cups is also telling you to find work that aligns with your passion.

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Your Card: The High Priestess

Gemini, that thing that’s missing that you can’t quite pinpoint right now is a connection with the innermost parts of you. The High Priestess is a call to take time to reflect, meditate, and become acquainted with your inner landscape again. Your self-confidence and self-worth would benefit from sitting with the most shadowy parts of yourself. You’ve also lost touch with your intuitive understanding. Instead of trying to seek answers with your conscious mind or in the external world, listen to something deeper. A shift in perspective could be helpful in getting you back in touch with your inner guidance.

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Your Card: Five of Cups, reversed

Cancer, you won’t stop dwelling on the past. There’s an old emotional wound that you can’t heal from and keep pouring salt over. You can’t find beauty in life or encounter new blessings when you’re busy focusing on loss. The reversal of the Five of Cups is showing that you need to let go of regret, past disappointments, and heartbreak. Something feels like it’s missing because you’re mired in heaviness and sadness, robbing yourself of new experiences and opportunities. What you need is acceptance and healing, as well as an appreciation for all that you have and all that lies ahead of you.

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Your Card: Judgment, reversed

The reversal of Judgment indicates a spiritual or personal setback in your life caused by a negative mindset. It feels like something is missing because you’re crippled by anxiety and self-doubt. The hesitation to take risks and be bold is leaving you trapped in your current circumstance. You need to gain clarity and understanding in order to be able to move forward with awareness. You’re holding on to negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from veering onto your true path. You feel a void because you’re not making the necessary adjustments to take control of your life.

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Your Card: The Sun, reversed

Lately, life has been presenting itself in monochrome colors. Things are feeling so empty. You’re finding it hard to find meaning in anything. The reversal of The Sun shows your extreme boredom and restlessness, as well as your sadness. You’re not finding joy and fulfillment in the things that usually provide them. Your optimism and faith have deteriorated, perhaps due to certain obstacles, setbacks, or a strained relationship. Something feels like it’s missing right now because your spiritual growth is blocked. Perhaps it’s time to let go of a certain situation or person that’s holding you back from being able to fully enjoy your life and find your inner radiance.

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Your Card: Three of Cups, reversed

Libra, you’re missing community from your life right now. What you feel is a yearning for meaningful relationships that fill you with joy, fulfillment, and inspiration. You need people in your life that you have a deep spiritual connection with and who make you feel appreciated and supported. You’re in need of kindred spirits, or “soulmates.” The reversal of the Three of Cups could also be a sign that you’ve been so busy that you’ve completely neglected your social life—it may be as simple as missing friends and family. Stop isolating yourself, work can wait and so can sleep. Pulling this card also shows a possibility of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment with your professional life—perhaps a change of course will get rid of the void.

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Your Card: King of Pentacles, reversed

Something feels like it’s missing because you’re struggling to maintain a solid foundation in your life right now. There are obstacles and issues keeping you from achieving the stability and security you desire. You feel like you’re losing your grip on things—as if nothing feels certain right now. You need to not lose hope and understand that this is just a temporary phase in your life right now. What past mistakes can you learn from to get you through this? Is there a lack of effort in your work? How could you be saving more or sticking better to your budget? What harmful behaviors and habits can you eliminate? Reflect on these matters. The reversal of the King Pentacles could also signify that you need to reassess your values and redirect your attention from material concerns towards your spiritual growth.

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Your Card: Six of Wands

Nothing of note is actually missing from your life, Sagittarius. It only feels that way because you don’t know what you do with yourself now that all of your hard work paid off and you achieved your goal. You’ve managed to harness your strengths and talents to achieve a desired outcome—pat yourself on the back. Now that you’ve triumphed, you’re restless. For so long now you’ve given your all to work towards your success, and now you don’t know where to put your efforts and energy. Let yourself be still for a little while, Sag, and savor that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. You don’t need to dive into the next thing right away.

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Your Card: Ten of Swords, reversed

What’s missing from your life is a glimmer of hope, Capricorn. A tragedy, disaster, adversity, or period of hardship has left you feeling like you’ve absolutely hit rock bottom. You feel like there’s no possible way that things could get better—that you can’t come back from the brink of ruin or failure. You feel overwhelmed and as if you were beyond help. This isn’t the case. Don’t listen to that voice that’s telling you that you have nothing left in you. It’s in your power to start anew. You can correct your mistakes, what has hurt you, and what has left you defeated or broken. You just have to make an effort to climb out of the dark hole you’re hiding in.

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Your Card: The Tower, reversed

Right now you feel empty, purposeless, and dissatisfied with life. This is because you’re resisting necessary change, Aquarius. Refusing to adapt is hindering your growth and success, and can bring much more dire consequences. You feel like something is missing because you’re remaining stagnant by delaying the inevitable. There could be a certain relationship or situation that you need to let go of but are avoiding doing so. You could be refusing to make adjustments to certain upheavals or changes in your life. Whatever the case, you’re resisting change that is necessary for new experiences and opportunities.

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Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

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You’re lacking focus, Pisces. The Knight of Pentacles is representative of the fact that you need to find your determination and start putting a little bit more effort into your work. You feel dissatisfied because you’re not accomplishing what you set out for. What’s missing from your life is a more diligent approach to achieving your goals. You need to be more responsible and disciplined in your pursuits. Pulling the Knight of Pentacles is also a reminder that sometimes it’s best to slow down, take a break, and reassess. Don’t rush yourself to make decisions based on short-term thinking or desires.

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