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Who To Cut Out In May 2024, Based on Your Birth Month

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Cut out people who make you feel small and unimportant. People who make your doubts grow instead of silencing them. People who are keeping you anchored in place instead of helping you move forward.

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Cut out people who are unforgiving. People who hold your mistakes over your head for years, long after you’ve apologized and tried to make it up to them. People who aren’t actually giving you the second chance that they claim they are.

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Cut out people who expect you to give your hundred percent to them and only them. People who get angry when you have hobbies or friends other than them. People who want to be the center of your universe and throw a fit when you do a single thing without them.

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Cut out people who doubt you more than empower you. People who make you question your abilities and wear down your confidence. People who are never as supportive or encouraging as you deserve.

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Cut out people who pressure you into changing core pieces of yourself. People who think that they know better than you and should be in charge of your decision making. People who disrespect your opinions and values.

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Cut out people who consider your vulnerability a weakness. People who minimize your emotions and encourage you to keep quiet about your complaints. People who would rather have you obediently do everything they say than hear your real thoughts.

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Cut out people who always have to one-up you in conversations. People who never stop to congratulate you on everything that you’ve accomplished out of jealousy. People who want to watch you fail because they think it means they’re succeeding.

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Cut out people who make you feel like you’re asking for too much when you’re only requesting the bare minimum. People who expect you to go above and beyond for them when they aren’t willing to do the same for you. People who take and take without giving.

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Cut out people who tell you to toughen up. People who think you’re too emotional, too open-hearted, too much. People who are unable to value you the way that you value them.

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Cut out people who try to diminish your hard work. People who act like you aren’t deserving of accomplishments that you worked your butt off to get. People who make you feel bad about things that originally made you proud.

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Cut out people who wear you down emotionally. People who make you feel drained after spending even the smallest amount of time with them. People who are always engaged in drama and trying to tear you down to their level.

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Cut out people who cross boundaries. People who couldn’t care less about your feelings as long as they’re getting their way. People who are only thinking about themselves at all times, even when you need them the most.

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