Zodiac Signs

Which Sign Is Thinking About You Right Now, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, a Gemini is thinking about reaching out to you soon. The sign of the twins is intrigued by your dynamism—they might feel the urge to introduce themselves to you or have a one-on-one with you. If a Gemini is already in your social sphere, they might be looking to discuss a new venture or simply enjoy a lively chat.

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Taurus, an Aquarius is thinking about you right now. They’re curious about you—they might have something specific they want to discuss or just want to know more about you. If you’re connected to an Aquarius, they probably want you to reach out to them.

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Gemini, a Virgo has you under their analytical gaze. They’re interested in your own curiosity and want to add themselves to your social circle. If a Virgo pops up in your day, they’re likely seeking your input on a problem they’ve been dealing with.

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Cancer, a Leo is looking for guidance from you. Your emotional depth is something they aren’t seeing often, and they’re thinking of ways to reach out to you. They either feel in need of your support or – if they already know you—might just want to let you know they’re thinking of you and have your back.

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Leo, a Scorpio is feeling charmed by you! They sense a potential for a deep bond and want to get to know you better. If there’s a Scorpio in your life, they might feel a little romantic spark and try reaching out to you soon—you’re in their thoughts.

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Virgo, a Sagittarius has you on their horizon. They value your practicality and want to try reining in their impulsivity a little bit. A Sagittarius might approach you to help them solve a personal issue in their life—or they might just want to vent to you for a little bit. Either way, be prepared to help them see their issues from a new perspective.

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Libra, a Capricorn is thinking about your problem-solving skills right now. They’re either seeking advice from you or want to thank you for helping them out recently, either at work or in their personal life. If you know a Capricorn in your social circle, just know that they’re grateful for you.

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Scorpio, a dreamy Pisces is thinking about you. They’re drawn to your natural depth and want to form a connection with you. A Pisces might reach out to see if you’d be interested in collaborating creatively with them, or they might just want to reflect on things with you for a while.


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Sagittarius, an Aries has you in their sights. They’re thinking about inviting you along on an adventure or asking for your opinion on something they’re planning. Expect to be a travel plan advisor or be pulled into a spontaneous adventure.


Capricorn, a Taurus is considering reaching out to you soon. They appreciate your diligence and want to ask you for professional advice. They may want to collaborate you or just think you’re cool and want to connect with you. A Taurus may also express admiration for your work ethic.

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Aquarius, a Cancer is thinking about you right now. They either want to form an emotional connection with you or sense that you could use a little support in your life. They may also seek a romantic connection with you they’re looking to explore.

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Pisces, a Libra is feeling inspired by you. They might reach out to you for artistic advice or just be looking for advice on some self-reflection they’ve been doing. It’s also likely that they’re interested in befriending you, Pisces!

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