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Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s a Show? It’s a Lifestyle. It’s a Religion.


Emily Gilmore

Headstrong and pugnacious, you are just like Mrs. Emily Gilmore. You’re blunt and argumentative and often get yourself into trouble with that mouth of yours. You’re an ambitious leader who goes after what you want no matter if you hurt people along the way.

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Luke Danes

You’re a lot like Luke: stubborn as hell and dedicated to your lifestyle. As a homebody, you strive for a life that is comfortable, stable, and safe. You don’t see any reason to switch things up and make changes if it’s not absolutely necessary.

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Lorelai Gilmore

You’re a social butterfly with a quick wit and an enthusiasm for life and learning. You tend to be flighty and scared of commitment, especially in love. You can be exhausting to keep up with, but you mean well. Overall, you’ve got a big personality — just like Lorelai.

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Dean Forester

Like Dean, you are a sensitive being. At your best, you take care of others, put their needs first, and make sure they’re comfortable and happy. At your worst, you can be incredibly manipulative, passive-aggressive, and cold.

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Christopher Hayden

If there’s one thing about Christopher, it’s that he does things for his parent’s approval, and if there’s one thing about you, it’s that you seek external validation. You are a passionate lover too, but sometimes can’t make relationships work simply because of selfishness.

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Rory Gilmore

You are the kind of person who enjoys spending all their time bettering themselves and becoming the most perfect version of themselves. Like Rory, you can be deeply critical of yourself and never feel like what you’re doing is enough — even though it is.

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Much like Sookie, you hate conflict and making decisions. You often sacrifice your own needs to help others and will often be the mediator. You love love but tend to have a hard time with it, especially when it comes to communicating your feelings.

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Logan Huntzberger

You are a strong-willed, adventurous soul. You don’t like to take life too seriously and you’re not the kind of person who will settle down in one place or with one person. You’re impulsive and overly confident in your actions, just like Logan is.

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Jess Mariano

Just like Jess, you are misunderstood. It’s hard to get a good read on you. Underneath all that mystery and intensity, you have a lot of sensitivity and charisma. You can be moody and cruel when someone hurts you, but incredibly passionate and loving when you want to be.

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Paris Geller

You are incredibly smart and headstrong, just like Paris. You go after what you want and work harder and with more confidence than everyone else to get that. Love is not a priority for you — you’d rather focus on your goals, career, and becoming successful.

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You’ve always felt like an outsider. You’ve been in a bubble but you believe there’s more for you in this life than what you’ve known. Like Lane, you’re all about carving your own path and going after your dreams, even if they’re out of the norm of what you’ve been used to.

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Miss Patty

You are a dreamer, a lover, and a hopeless romantic. Your life’s purpose is to create art from your experiences in your relationships and adventures. Like Miss Patty, you are passionate about all life has to offer you.

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