Zodiac Signs

Which Fair Food You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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For the always-on-the-move Aries, the spicy kick of jalapeño poppers is your go-to street food. These deep-fried peppers – with a classic blend of heat and creamy cheese – are almost as dynamic as you are, Aries. Plus, they’re easy to grab on the go so you won’t have to waste a second of your day sitting down.

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Taurus, with your love for luxury and indulgence, you probably won’t be able to resist the classic taste of a deep-fried cheesecake. It’s rich, sweet, and comforting (and even a little luxurious). It’s a great complement to your enjoyment of things that are both comfortable and luxe.

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Ever-curious Gemini, you deserve a food that is just as versatile as you are. Enter the twisted potato skewer – a street food tradition, the spiraled layers of potato are just as fun to look at as they are to eat. Plus, it’s perfect to share with a friend (or two) if you’re feeling generous.

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Cancer, you’re always reminiscing about family gatherings and comfort food. You’ll definitely find solace in a buttery corn on the cob, prepped with your choice of spices (or left plain if that’s your deal). Street corn is a fair cult classic that you’ll find prepared in plenty of different ways if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Leo, for someone as grand as you, only the gold standard of fair foods will do: the giant turkey leg. It’s the one food that’s totally impossible to miss, making it the edible crown jewel of virtually any fair. Smoked turkey leg has been a street food staple for a long time, so go for the food that will let you show off a classic fairground meal.

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Virgo, with your appreciation for the finer details, an artisanal pretzel is your best match. You’ll find plenty of options for toppings – from gourmet cheese to spices and seeds – that give you a perfectly customizable fairground snack. It’s a relatively sophisticated twist on the classic pretzel you’ll definitely be able to appreciate.

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For the ever-balanced Libra, a dish that marries both sweet and salty flavors is ideal. This makes caramel kettle corn your ideal street food. It’s easy to eat on the go and gives you the perfect mix of two completely different flavors. Plus, with a little mediation, you might have enough to pass around to friends (or keep as leftovers).

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Scorpio, a treat that has layers and complexity is a must. Chili chocolate fudge is your fair food match – it’s a little twist on a timeless fair food favorite. The blend of rich, dark chocolate with some extra spice will give you something interesting to eat while you’re figuring out your next activity.

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Sagittarius, the deep-fried Oreo is the fair food for you. This unconventional twist on a classic cookie encapsulates your spirit of taking something familiar and elevating it to a thrilling new experience. You’ve got texture, flavor, and a truly wacky dessert combination all in one easy fair food.

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For the grounded and traditional Capricorn, there’s really nothing like a classic funnel cake. There’s a reason this street food is one of the most beloved desserts of any fair. It’s a dependable treat you’ll be able to find just about anywhere, Capricorn, which will likely make it doubly satisfying for you.

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Aquarius, you’re usually all about finding the newest and most unique creations to try. Bubble waffle ice cream cones are a newer addition to the street food lineup, making this trendy dessert an exciting and unconventional thing to try while you’re busy exploring the fair.

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Pisces, you’re a sweet and dreamy sign, making your fair food match cotton candy. It’s colorful and fluffy, adding a little bit of whimsy to your day. It’s a fairground treat that’s easy to find but never gets old – plus, it basically looks like something someone came up with in a dream.

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