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Which Ancient Civilization Aligns Your Zodiac Sign?

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We live a world so overwhelmed with technology that despite being more “connected” than ever before, many people feel more alienated and disconnected that at any time in history. Under such contradictory and stress-inducing conditions, one would be wise to look to the past—way, way back in the past—so that we can embrace our roots and find a happy medium between where we are and what brought us here.

Here you are, looking at a modern technological device for insight through astrology, which is a pastiche of ancient cultures’ observations gleaned from staring at the stars and tracking the movements of planets. The reason that people still find hope and comfort in astrology is that the stars are so ancient that they present eternal truths that remain unaffected by fleeting modern trends.

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Just as each of the twelve zodiac signs has a unique set of personality traits, so do all of the great ancient civilizations. Here is the civilization whose characteristics most closely align with your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ancient Sparta


A fire sign ruled by the warrior planet Mars, you are known for your unflinching bravery, even when the odds are stacked highly against you. The ancient civilization that best suits your temperament is the city of Sparta on the Greek island of Laconia. To this day, the word “Spartan” signifies someone who is marked by strict discipline and who avoids luxury and comfort. The most famous example of Spartan behavior came during the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BCE when Persian forces invaded Greece. Even though King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors were vastly outnumbered by Persian forces estimated in the tens of thousands, they stood their ground and boldly fought them for days.

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Taurus: Ancient Egypt


As an Earth sign, you are fundamentally stable and practical. Being ruled by Venus, you also love beauty and the finer things in life. The ancient culture that best aligns with your spirit is Egypt, where civilization flourished for thousands of years due to the eternal dependability of the Nile River, which provided life for an otherwise parched desert area. Ancient Egypt was also known as a magical civilization with its staggeringly majestic pyramids and its practice of using multicolored paints, pigments, henna, and kohl eyeliner as cosmetic enhancement for both men and women.

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Gemini: Ancient Greece


Ruled by Mercury, you are a master communicator and a quick thinker who is constantly curious and thirsting for knowledge. You will find your “spirit civilization” in ancient Greece, especially the philosophical era ruled by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, who essentially invented Western philosophy so they could understand the world using logic. Socrates’s famous admonition to “know thyself” remains some of the sagest advice anyone has ever given. Ancient Greece also made huge advances in astronomy, mathematics, ethics, biology, and aesthetics. It also produced the dueling philosophies of epicureanism (meaning pleasure is good) and stoicism (meaning that one should boldly endure pain without complaining).

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Cancer: Ancient Sumer


Since there are no ancient civilizations known primarily for being hyper-emotional like Cancers are famous for being, we’ll instead focus on the fact that you are ruled by the moon and are therefore the zodiac’s great homebody who finds intense comfort in your abode. The ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia were devising sophisticated city-states thousands of years ago. Houses made of sun-dried brick that employed intricate arches, domes, and vaults would be arrayed so that they faced courtyards and were clustered around a ziggurat—the terraced, pyramidal temples that served as Sumerian places of worship. When much of the planet’s residents were nomadic or lived in temporary shelters, the Sumerians were the world’s first homebodies.

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Leo: Ancient Rome


As a fire sign ruled by the sun and symbolized by the Lion, you are regal, dominant, and even a touch grandiose. The perfect ancient complement to your extroverted nature and conquering spirit is the ancient Roman Empire, which was founded on seven hills in 753BCE and through the sheer force of will expanded to over two million square miles covering three continents. By 117CE, your empire covered all of Italy, much of what is now Western Europe, and even had command outposts in parts of Asia and Northern Africa. The ancient Romans inspired both fear and respect for nearly a thousand years and serve as an eternal reminder of what the human spirit is able to achieve.

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Virgo: Ancient China


You are known for your practicality and meticulous attention to detail. You lean toward logic and never let your emotions get the best of you. The ancient culture that best suits your personality is that of China, which was one of the world’s earliest civilizations and persists as an enduring world power. Only a culture devoted to technology and pragmatism would have been able to pull off an architectural miracle such as China’s Great Wall, which extends for over 13,000 miles and protected the ancient Chinese from predations by more nomadic and less developed invaders. The great Silk Road connected China to the Mediterranean and fostered trade and the cross-pollination of cultures. Ancient China is credited with inventing paper, the printing process, and the compass. It also blessed the world with Confucianism, a secular state philosophy that encourages respect, integrity, and social reciprocity.

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Libra: Indus Valley

(3300BCE-1300 BCE)

A Bronze Age culture that flourished in what parts of what are now known as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, the well-planned cities of the Indus Valley—which formed a civilization larger than Egypt—were unique among ancient civilizations in that archeologists have found no evidence that they were ruled by hierarchical figures such as priests or kings. There is also no evidence that these ancient peoples used weapons or needed armies Instead, it was a culture founded on peace, prosperity, love, and equity. This all aligns perfectly with Libra’s endless quest for balance and harmony.

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Scorpio: Ancient Mayans


Scorpio is the sign most closely entwined with mystery and darkness, so what better ancient culture to symbolize you than the Mayans of what is now eastern Mexico? To the ancient Mayans, death was merely a rite of passage into another life, so they lived without fear of death. Rather than a tragic end, death was viewed as a new beginning. The Mayans also believed that the great unknown existed beneath the surface of the water. Those who willingly offered their lives as spiritual sacrifices were painted with a bright blue mineral known as “Maya Blue” before they were sent down to a watery grave.

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Sagittarius: Ancient Persia


Sagittarius is the sign most closely aligned with curiosity, exploration, and a pioneering spirit, so the great Persian Empire—one of history’s most powerful and extensive—most closely mirrors your soul. During its height, the Persian Empire stretched from the Indus Valley (modern Pakistan and India) in the east all the way to Egypt in the West. In the north, it covered parts of what are now modern-day Greece and Turkey. Its most famous emperor, Cyrus the Great, envisioned a culture where citizens could live, think, and worship as they pleased without fear of persecution or alienation. Although most ancient Persians practiced Zoroastrianism—the first dualistic religion with concepts such as good and evil, light and darkness—they were entirely tolerant of other religions. This all perfectly aligns with the expansive and inclusive nature of Sagittarius.

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Capricorn: Ancient Babylon


Capricorn is known as the most organized and goal-oriented of all the signs, so what better ancient society to represent them than that of the ancient Babylonians, whose ruler Hammurabi established what many historians consider to be the first comprehensive rule of law in world history? The Code of Hammurabi consisted of 282 laws that set down rules for things such as trade, contracts, property rights, family disputes, and criminality. It also gave the world the idea of what is known in Latin as lex talionis (“the law of the talon”) and later was known as the principle of “an eye for an eye.” Just like ancient Babylon, Capricorns are all about law, order, and logic.

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Aquarius: Ancient Atlantis


Your innovative, endlessly curious, and revolutionary spirit—not only do you think outside the box, you think best without a box—most perfectly aligns with the myth of Atlantis, a civilization that probably never even existed but that still fascinates the imagination. The myth of Atlantis first appeared in two dialogues written by the Greek philosopher Plato circa 360BCE. As Plato told the story, Atlantis was a dreamy island located somewhere beyond the “pillars of Hercules,” which has led some to conclude it existed in the Strait of Gibraltar. It was said to be bigger than Libya and all of Asia combined and was populated by highly advanced super-humanoids who were virtuous and wise. Its city layout consisted of concentric rings of water and land that were all connected by tunnels. Although Atlantis still remains only an idea, only Sagittarius is equipped with an imagination vivid enough to make it a reality.

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Pisces: Ancient Tibet


A water sign renowned for its limitless depths of spirituality and compassion, Pisces is best represented by ancient Tibet. Nestled on the northern side of the Himalayas—which reach such dizzying heights, one would merely need to stand on their tiptoes to be able to kiss heaven—ancient Tibet’s breathtaking beauty gave birth to a deeply tranquil culture that melds perfectly with nature. Tibet’s lofty heights are host to countless Buddhist monasteries, but prior to the introduction of Buddhism, Tibet’s indigenous religion was known as Bon, which dabbled in magic and the worship of sky divinities—which makes sense when you basically live up in the clouds.

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