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Where You Should Vacation In The US This Spring, Based On Your Zodiac

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Austin, Texas

Aries, despite what you may tell yourself, you absolutely thrive in the heat. There’s something about a sunny day that makes you feel ready to jump in headfirst and experience every beautiful moment it has to offer. Combine that with the cool, artsy scene of Austin, and it’s a match made in heaven.

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Seattle, Washington

Taurus, there are two things that your soul craves: easy access to art, culture, and decadent treats, and proximity to nature, in order to ground yourself and satisfy your Earth sign sensibilities. Seattle is the perfect combination of those two desires. City life, beaches, and mountains–what more could you ask for?

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Phoenix, Arizona

Gemini, when you visit a new place you aren’t the type to sit around your hotel and laze the day away. You like to go out and explore, immerse yourself in the location, and Phoenix provides ample avenues to tour. With stunning, desert scenery, shops to peruse, and an active nightlife, you’ll feel right at home.

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Portland, Maine

Cancer, the stereotypes are true: you feel most centered when you’re by large bodies of water. Portland provides waterfront views of the Casco Bay, as well as a strong artistic community where you can reconnect with yourself and feel miles away from the stress of everyday life. You can unwind while feeding your heart.

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Denver, Colorado

Leo, I’ll bet you thought I’d recommend a beach town or resort for your next vacation. No, Denver is calling to you. Not only is it on top of a mountain range, but it’s a hub of historical landmarks, museums, and outdoor sports (if that’s your thing). You need to visit a place where you won’t feel pressured to perform all the time.

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New York, New York

Virgo, even on vacation you need to be in a place that’s as fast-paced and organized as you are. New York is as no-nonsense as it gets. The brisk nature of the locals paired with the constant entertainment and potential adventures in the city will appeal to your focused, driven nature. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone!

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San Francisco, California

Libra, there’s nothing that makes you feel more rejuvenated than learning new things, and San Francisco is a metropolis of museums, art, landmarks, and nature. Highly walkable and eclectic in offerings, it’s hard to feel listless in a city like this. There’s no reason to settle when you travel–you can have it all.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Scorpio, Boston is calling your name. It’s a cross between the contemporary and the historical, full of visually interesting architecture and greenery. There are plenty of bookstores to browse, and the music scene will appeal to you as well. It’s a city you can get lost in and then rediscover yourself, changed and refreshed.

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Chicago, Illinois

Sagittarius, in Chicago, you can disappear within throngs of people and never see the same thing twice. There’s always another adventure to go on, a hip exhibit or event to attend, a new coffee shop to sample. It’s a difficult city to get bored in, and will satisfy your restless nature. You’ll probably find it difficult to leave.

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Washington DC

Capricorn, you like to be in places where things are happening around you. The slow, country life doesn’t appeal to you and, in fact, frustrates more than relaxes you. In Washington DC you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people, moving quickly through the world while still noticing its beauty.

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Eugene, Oregon 

Aquarius, even though you’re an air sign, there’s something about water that appeals to your soul. That’s why Eugene, situated on a river and lush with artistic spaces, would be perfect for you. You can bounce easily between busy city centers and green spaces, not having to choose one aspect of your interests to focus on.

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Burlington, Vermont

Pisces, when you say that you need to get away, you really mean it. Being in a large city can be nice but nothing compares to relaxing in a cabin, surrounded by trees and fresh air. Burlington is also close to Lake Champlain, providing even more scenery for you to sit within while thinking deeply about your life.

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