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Where Each Zodiac Is Destined To Meet Their Twin Flame

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A twin flame is a divine love connection with a divine mission – your mirror soul in another person. Each Zodiac has a special place they are destined to meet their twin flame. This is yours.


You will meet your twin flame doing what you love the most – performing for others. Whether you’re the lead singer of a band locking eyes with a captivated audience member or starring in your first Broadway debut, your twin flame will start out as your biggest fan, only to become your most passionate lover.

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Sagittarius, you’ll meet your twin flame on one of your “travels” – whether that be actually catching flights to another country or a more “figurative” and intellectual journey. You could be seated next to them serendipitously during a red eye flight or meet them at a philosophy class where you experience immense chemistry through heated, intellectual debate.

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You’ll meet your twin flame in a fated moment that seems more like a romcom than real life. Got trapped in an elevator together? Or entered the same cab from opposite sides? Oh my. Romance is about to brew.

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You will encounter your twin flame while you’re doing something physically strenuous and challenging, like hiking the Appalachian mountains or taking a CrossFit class. The danger of the shared activity will add to the physical chemistry you’ll both experience. The bolder, the better.

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Your twin flame is likely to come across you when you’re undertaking one of your business ventures. You could be presenting one of your innovative ideas at a conference where they’re an attendee or pitching them the business model for your start-up where they’re a key stakeholder. Together, you’ll bring your ideas to life and change the world.

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You will meet your twin flame in a setting where you feel most emotionally taken care of and nurtured. Whether it’s the handsome fellow student at the local yoga studio or the wise teacher of the meditation class you signed up for, you will feel like you’ve met the perfect match as you two come together in your joint journey of self-care

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You will reunite with your twin flame in a work setting. Whether you’re colleagues or there’s a power imbalance, your twin flame journey will be all about becoming equals and a strong power couple.

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You will meet your twin flame through mutual friends when you’re having the most fun, like a birthday party or celebratory get-together. The joy of this union will be enhanced by the love and cheer that surrounds you.

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Your twin flame connection will start out as what was supposed to be one night of passionate, no-strings attached fun after a night out of sensuous dancing – and will evolve into an everlasting, destined love.

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You’ve likely already met your twin flame in the past. They’re your childhood friend or the beloved ex who got away. Tune into your inner guidance and you’ll realize that true love was in front of you the whole time.

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You will meet your twin flame after one of the worst days of your life. You will feel like nothing is going well, and the “savior” who comes to the rescue will end up being your divine match. Talk about dark night of the soul. Whether it’s the ER doctor who takes your temperature or the officer who gives you a speeding ticket, don’t risk a missed opportunity.

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Libra, you’ll meet your twin flame right before a destined “ending” catapulting you to a new era and signaling new beginnings. You will reunite with your twin flame before the clock strikes twelve and before your carriage turns into a pumpkin during a New Year’s Eve party.  Don’t miss your midnight kiss, Cinderella.

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