Zodiac Signs

What You’ve Been Missing, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Family time.

Everyone’s been running around, making moves, running errands, and attending obligations, and it’s been hard for you to wrangle to whole crew under a single roof at the same time. You crave the nostalgia of cohabitation with your loved ones. Memory has dimmed the recollection of shared bathrooms and head butting and left movie nights, popcorn, and pajamas in its place. Everyone may be in a new stage of their lives at this point, but you will succeed at scheduling soon enough. Take this as a reminder to continue planning ahead.



You’ve been running on fumes, Taurus. Putting your nose to the grindstone, racking up those hours. And it’s been so long since you’ve taken a nap, sat outside, or read a book, you’ve almost forgotten how to kick back. Your schedule has been so demanding that you just go from task to task, a slave to your never-ending to-do list. You miss that Sunday morning, nothing-to-do feeling where everything and anything is possible. The lifestyle you live doesn’t come for free, and you’ve put in the work to show for it.


Good conversation.

You have so many diverse interests, Gemini, and you move within so many diverse social circles. There’s the work crew, the hobbie homies, the high school and college besties, and that long list of random acquaintances that all demand your attention, but you miss that rare individual who checks all of your boxes and can converse about any topic that peaks your interest. You want to nerd out, while being the most basic of bitches, and still feel seen and accepted. No one has been able to scratch all of those itches in awhile, and you’ve felt it.


A close friend.

Friends age, friends change, friends move, friends grow, friends take on new responsibilities, and friends go through grief. Whatever it is that has created distance between you and a specific loved one, you are missing the state of that relationship before circumstances intervened. Take the momentary reminder to value the things you take for granted, and then remind yourself that the strongest connections evolve with time and distance. The person you saw on a daily basis will still love you after graduation, a new job, or a marriage ceremony.



When you know as many people as you do, Leo, everyone ends up knowing some of your business. Who you’re dating, who you’re not dating anymore, that thing you said about a friend of a friend, or what you ate for your birthday dinner. If you didn’t want all of the attention, you’d make your accounts private, but we all know that’s not on the agenda. Still, you miss the anonymity of walking down the street and knowing not a goddamn soul cares who you are or where you’re heading.



You’ve flown the coop and spread your wings, Virgo. And even if your destination is exactly where you needed or wanted to be, you miss the security that comes with familiarity. It could be something as simple as knowing what’s in each drawer of your kitchen, or how your closet is organized, but you’re still adjusting to new surroundings. You miss knowing every inch of your space like the back of your hand, and that’s okay. There is confidence to be found in a pond that feels small because it’s familiar.



You’re meant to be a lifelong student, Libra, but the older you get, the higher the price tag on knowledge. You’ve hit a plateau at school or work, and need a new challenge. Whether it’s a hobby or a degree you’ve set your sights on, you miss that beginner state of mind where you have to be fully open to information and soak up each detail like a sponge. You long to take notes, to listen to those wiser and more experienced than you, and fully immerse yourself in the unknown.



You long for chemistry, Scorpio, for the newness of a fresh relationship, and the nerves that come along with it. Whether your current relationship has run its course, or you’ve been single for an extended period of time, you long for that new love feeling. You want late-night conversation, deep connection, and excitement. Something both physical and intellectual that lets you know you’re invested without needing to second guess yourself. Your crushes come and go, and you just want that gut feeling to tell you something or someone is here to stay.



You’ve been coasting, Sagittarius. Clocking in and clocking out, day in and day out. You miss the late-night cram sessions of your youth, the projects, and the presentations that required sustained effort and focus. You’ve been able to recycle the same materials for an extended period, and everything in your professional life could use a refresh. If you’re becoming bored with the material, it’s likely your audience is too. Liven things up before everyone involved is suffering more than necessary.



Your negative emotions have been bottled up for weeks, if not months, Capricorn. You have been fostering resentment and ill will, and if you don’t let it out soon, you will internally combust. You need a literal punching bag, or its metaphorical equivalent, for the benefit of everyone in your vicinity. You are a few tequila shots away from letting it all hangout, every last frustration and irritation. Friends, coworkers, and the bus driver you see every day, no one wants to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.



You’ve come to the conclusion Aquarius, that you can’t unsee the things you see from a mature perspective. You can’t erase the injustice, the dishonesty, the manipulation that permeates so many facets of adult life. You long for the simplicity of childhood ignorance, and your lack of guilt by association or inaction. You are incapable of changing the entire system, and yet cannot unstained your own hands. Life from now on must be a balancing act of kindness to yourself and accountability to others.



It’s been a while since your last apex, Pisces. Since the trophy or the praise or the recognition from those who matter to you. You miss the high that comes with crossing a finish line or reaching a milestone. You want something to brag about again, something to prove you’ve been making an effort, but sometimes our hardest work goes unacknowledged. You need how to give yourself personal validation while continuing to hone skills and talents. If every day were a high point, there would be no progress to show.

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