Zodiac Signs

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Life Path

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Your life path is full of right turns and forks in the road where you gladly chose an option. You’re down for change, especially if that change promises something exciting. Your bold energy means you follow your whims and will jump at the chance for something new.

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Your life path is full of comfort with very few turns. Once you find a nice life, only things outside of your control will divert you from that comfort zone. So many of your big life changes will be out of your hands, but you get to decide how you handle it.

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Your life path will be total chaos mixed with moments of calm and serenity, much like the vibes you carry with you. You’ll make sudden decisions that alter the course of your life, but will sometimes wonder if you made the right choice.

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Your life path will live in your rearview mirror. You’re often looking back on what you could have done different, how you should have handled past situations. With one eye in the past, you won’t notice as much as you move forward.

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Your life path will feature high highs and low lows. Every moment that you’re a shining star, your path lights up like it’s Christmas. Unfortunately, it’ll stay on long stretches of pain if you continue to avoid change so much.

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Your life path is tightly controlled. When you’re in the driver’s seat, you steer your life exactly where you want it to go. Any divergence is just a tiny speed bump if you have your say–and you always do.

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Your life path will be full of people on the sidelines, cheering you on. You’ve done well to fill your life with amazing friends and family, people you can count on when you need help. Whenever you ask, they’ll be there.

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Your life path is full of determination and desire. When you know what you want, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Sure, there might be people who will raise their eyebrow, confused why you’ve chosen this path, but it’s your life to live as you see fit.

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Your life path is bumpy and varied in only the best of ways. You rebel at stagnancy and will take any opportunity to add a little adventure, large or small, to your journey. No status quo for you, Sagittarius.

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Your life path is full of hard work and ambition. Never one to settle for the bare minimum, you’re off on little sidetracks and transforming your path into a highway. You’re willing to do the work to get their faster and better.

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Your life path is lined with wonderful scenery. Even if you aren’t diverting much from the path you’ve set out on, you’re still filling your time with hobbies and art and skills that you enjoy, making the journey all the more fun.

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Your life path is full of drama and emotions, making the journey an interesting one whether it’s fun or just exhausting. If nothing else, you’ll go along your path in an interesting and unforgettable way, which is just fine by you.

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