Zodiac Signs

What Your Zodiac Sign Glyph Represents

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In astrology, each zodiac has a glyph. A glyph is a symbol representing the identity of said sign. Glyphs may appear to be random characters at first look. However, ancient astrologers created each symbol for each archetype with mindful intention.

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The glyph for Aries is ♈︎.  The Ram is the symbol associated with Aries. Therefore, it only makes sense that the glyph represents the horns of the Ram. Headstrong, assertive, and downright combative when necessary, this creature of strength is pioneering. Have you ever seen two Rams in a duel? Ramming full steam ahead, Aries never backs down. Ready to charge full steam ahead, their glyph encapsulates the Aries archetype perfectly.

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The glyph for Taurus is ♉︎. The zodiac symbol for Taurus captures the head and horns of the Bull, the animal representative of their sign. There’s strength, determination, and a fixed nature to this creature. Their symbol signifies how Taureans are steadfast, seeking stability first and foremost. Still, this zodiac can knock their challengers and opponents down when needed. The Bull is a graceful and serious creature, similar to Taurus.

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The glyph for Gemini is ♊︎. The Roman numeral II is representative of the duality of the Twins. Gemini is associated with the mythological brothers Castor and Pollux. This pairing had such an inseparable familial love that the Gods allowed them to become one when immortalized in the starry night sky as a constellation. This glyph represents the Gemini’s dualistic nature and their ability to witness and embody multiple perspectives and facets in life.

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Cancer’s glyph is ♋︎. The pincers, or claws, of a Crab, can be seen in Cancer’s glyph. The Crab represents the Cancerian urge to build a protective haven for one’s self and its instincts to retreat into nurturing settings when threatened. Emotional resilience, intelligence, security, and belonging are archetypal themes that correlate to the Crab and Cancer alike.

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The glyph for Leo is ♌︎. A Lion’s head with its glorious mane and tail is representative of this symbol. Leo is associated with none other than the king or queen of the jungle, embodying leadership, passion, and royalty. Like a lion, creativity, theatrics, and majestic beauty are correlated with this zodiac. Of course, their glyph showcases their true dramatic flair.

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The glyph for Virgo is ♍︎. Virgo is Latin for “maiden”, associated with purity of spirit. Therefore, the glyph for Virgo resembles the letter “M” with an inward curl, showcasing Virgo’s nature to internalize and go inwards. Observant, they pay close attention to detail. In their pursuit of perfection, Virgo often holds themselves up to unrealistic standards and expectations, as if they are meant to live as a saint themselves without flaw. This glyph captures their practicality and analytical mind.

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The glyph for Libra is ♎︎. With a symbol representing the scales of justice, this glyph showcases Libra’s desire for balance and harmony. Fairness and diplomacy are their main moral motive. Known for taking their time in decision-making, Libra is constantly weighing their choices carefully before choosing. The goal is to ensure that their figurative scales of justice are in good judgment before taking action.

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The glyph for Scorpio is ♏︎. Scorpio is associated with the Scorpion. In their glyph, we see the letter M with a curl turning outwards, showing their instinct to externalize. Additionally, the point of the curl is akin to a scorpion stinger. Their intensity, assertiveness, and passion allow them to take direct, instinctual action. Therefore, this glyph captures their mystery, depth, and transformative approach to life.

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The glyph for Sagittarius is ♐︎. Sagittarians are associated with the Archer, navigating life with strategic wit. The glyph for Sagittarius correlates to an arrow pointing upwards. The direction represents their desire to explore. This zodiac sign’s motive is to remain optimistic and free at all times. Therefore, this glyph describes the philosophical, intellectual, and passionate spirit of Sagittarius.

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This glyph for Capricorn is ♑︎. One of the more intricate glyphs of the zodiac, the symbol for Capricorn represents the head and tail of a Sea-Goat. This mythological creature is associated with resilience, ambition, and remaining flexible in the pursuit of success. A goat can climb mountains, conquering challenges. Additionally, the goat’s sea tail allows them to swim as well, showing how Capricorns can navigate any terrain necessary to get where they want to go. Practical, hard-working, and successful, this glyph captures Capricorn’s spirit.

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The glyph for Aquarius is ♒︎. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. Therefore, the glyph for this zodiac resembles ripples of water. It symbolizes Aquarian’s humanitarian approach, carefully considering the needs of society at large. Independent, individualistic, and progressive, this zodiac doesn’t fear or resist necessary change. This glyph accurately conveys the hopefulness of Aquarius

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The glyph for Pisces is ♓︎. Pisces symbol resembles two fish swimming in opposite directions, connected by a cord. There’s a duality to Piscean nature. Their compassion, empathy, and intuition allow them to witness worlds beyond their perspective. Spiritual depth and healing are their core motives. This glyph is also associated with one bracket representing the material plane of existence, one representing the spiritual plane, and a cord connecting the two. This interpretation showcases how Pisces acts as a bridge between the non-physical and the physical.

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