Zodiac Signs

What Your Fantasies Say About Your Reality, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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You fantasize about someone else’s downfall, Aries. A foe brought to justice and exposed for who they really are when authority figures have left the room. These daydreams reveal your incongruence and discomfort in surroundings where deceit begets success and rewards. You are dying to scream and call out things for what they are, but know the sad truth is you’d only be branded a complainer and “negative”. At the end of the day, your value system is at odds with that of the institution. Not all can be changed from the inside out, so to avoid compromising, you may have to find a new institution.

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You fantasize about owning something ridiculously expensive, Taurus. The value may be well above sticker price in terms of cultural currency or clout, but the piggy bank where you unrelentingly hoard your pennies in the hopes of one day making this purchase says much more about you than it does the item. What is it that you’re really after that you think this item can give you? More confidence, success, validation? Are you hoping you’ll finally see yourself in a more favorable light when others do? Projecting something to the world usually starts from within. Not by putting on a watch or heels and hopping in a sports car.

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You fantasize about something fairly traditional, Gemini, like owning a home or starting a family, but keep these wishes hidden because they foster such conflicting emotions. You are the unconventional one amongst your family, friends, or co-workers and have contended with pointed questions and unwanted judgment for as long as you remember. You’ve grown proud of your ability to defend your own lifestyle and the happiness it brings you. You don’t want to feel like you’re falling in line with everyone else because you’re caving under the pressure. In your fantasies you’re free to have it all, independence and domestic happiness, because it’s what you want.

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You fantasize about someone knowing your most intimate details, Cancer. How you think, the way you feel, the things you want, all without having to be told. This may surprise those who see you as an extremely private person, but that’s part of the draw. You see opening up to others as an enormous burden, and long for that partnership where explanations are no longer a necessity. We all know clairvoyance doesn’t exist in the real world, and you’ve been burned in the past, but if you were willing to give people a chance more often, you’d be surprised how much the right person can infer with just a few breadcrumbs.

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You fantasize about anonymity, Leo. About moving somewhere big enough where no one knows you or gives a damn about who you are or what you’re doing. You value your relationships, but sometimes find yourself wondering who and what you’d be on your own. Whether you’d be able to stand on your own two feet and start over from scratch. You fantasize about this life because you’re not sure how much you rely on your safety net. What risks do you only take because you have the support of parents or friends if things take a turn for the worse? You’re afraid you don’t know your own worth and never will if you stay where you are.

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You have “deathbed” fantasies, Virgo. Maybe you’re the While You Were Sleeping type and imagine someone confessing their love for you while you lie there in a coma. Maybe you’re a period piece buff, and your cup of tea is being nursed back to health in the throes of cholera. No matter the details the fantasy allows you to imagine yourself in a state you’ve never experienced, helplessness. You are so busy taking care of yourself and others, your secret longing is to trust someone completely in a time of need. If only you could see things don’t have to be so dire for you to let someone in.

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You fantasize about throwing the rulebook out the window, Libra. An alternate universe where you eat ice cream for breakfast at noon, work a different job every week, living out of a converted van with wifi and a surround sound system. You long for a life without attachments or obligations. Where you can indulge in every whim without worrying about structure, balance, or consequences, the things that tend to rule your current reality. Your fantasies reveal a lack of understanding that you have options. There’s a happy medium – you can deviate from the script and improvise without cutting up all of your credit cards and going completely off-grid.

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Your fantasies come straight out of a smut novel from the magazine aisle of a grocery store, Scorpio. You might be embarrassed at how vanilla it all really is, compared to what people expect from your edgy reputation, but you love to imagine a world where someone is more experienced than you are. A metaphoric Casanova in a flowy shirt who rocks a world you didn’t even know needed to be rocked. In reality, you’re comfortable in your own sexuality, but at times tire of teaching and leading your partners. Your fantasy exposes a longing for someone who can match your energy, who isn’t intimidated by your confidence and who can trade-off in the power dynamics.

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You fantasize about the exotic, Sagittarius. Your natural curiosity draws you to the unknown: foreign languages, new cities, old traditions, and vibrant cultures. You try to maintain a respectful approach, staying as far away from appropriation as possible, but don’t always ask yourself if there is something more to your desires. Do you long for anything and everything that is as far from where you come from as possible? Do you feel more at ease as a stranger in another country than you do in your own hometown? Do you feel like an odd duck in whatever small pond you originated from? Your travels will be made richer when you address and heal these parts of yourself.

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You fantasize about being in a position of power, Capricorn. The CEO, the entrepreneur, the inventor, the politician, or the pope. You long for a world where you set the tone and pace, where you can make sweeping changes with a single e-mail. These desires soothe a lack of autonomy you feel in your daily life. You crave solutions that are quick, because you’re the sole decision maker, instead of cutting through layers and layers of red tape. It’s not that you’re not up to the task, in fact, you are confident in your own ideas and feel you could make a positive impact if given a chance. You’re just waiting for someone to hand you the reins.

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You fantasize about being a celebrity, Aquarius. A world in which you are loved and adored for some easy-going talent. Sure, you’d use your platform for some admirable cause, but the simplicity of making people happy by signing autographs and posing for pictures is appealing to the part of you that has to deal with harsh realities in your day to day. You likely have a demanding job that sees some aspect of life that other people live their lives ignoring. It’s likely taxing and draining, and your fantasy is a welcome respite from the ugliness you face head-on regularly. It’s okay to want to be loved for your efforts.

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You fantasize about receiving exclusive information, like confidential government secrets, a treasure map, or someone’s dying confession. You find the trust involved to be intoxicating and love the idea of you moving through the world with top-secret information, continuing to act as if nothing has changed. You desire to be utterly extraordinary while simultaneously completely under the radar. Like a Clark Kent who knows he could rip open his shirt at any moment and take off into the sky, but stands at an intersection waiting for a crossing signal. You crave the excitement that comes with knowing you’re holding yourself back because your reality is full of over-exertion.

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