Zodiac Signs

What Your Birth Month Says About Why People Can’t Resist Falling In Love With You


Because you inspire them every day, and your drive, your passion, and your sense of ambition make them want to experience growth every single day.


Because you’re a free spirit, you’re impossible to predict, and they feel like you’re introducing them to fascinating new ideas and concepts all the time.


Because in a world that’s a little too fast-paced and frantic, you bring them such a refreshing sense of peace, patience, and relaxed joy.


Because you’re motivating, you always find the excitement in anything, and you’re just truly fun to be around.


Because you have a palpable strength about you, you have an active interest in so many cool things (art, travel, fun social groups, etc), and you’re so good at just making things happen.


Because you’re incredibly very self-aware, you’re endlessly empathetic towards others, you’re in touch with your emotions, and you have a great sense of humor.


Because you’re personality has a certain spark to it – you’re friendly, you make people feel comfortable, you ask great questions and you’re a great listener, and you’re really conscientious of other people’s feelings.


Because you’re fearless, you go after what you want, and you have a magnetic way about you that effortlessly draws people toward you.


Because you’re confident, you have a great work ethic, and you have such a strong curiosity and a passion for learning.


Because you have such a warm and affectionate air about you, you make friends so easily, and you’re loyal and thoughtful to your loved ones.


Because your mind never stops moving at a hundred miles a minute, you’re always challenging yourself to be better, and you have such a unique way of thinking.


Because you never fail to be generous, you’re always putting everyone else first, and you’re so trustworthy and dependable.

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