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What You Should Focus On From The 10-15th Of January, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Get passionate.

Single, and ready to mingle.

After what has felt like the  longest retrograde season, you’re finally starting to feel like you’re entering a space of flow when Mars moves forward into a balancing zone of communication on Thursday. Now that you have a clearer form of expression, you’re being encouraged to get passionate about your ideas, and to put your energy into the things you feel deeply towards.

When Juno enters your sign on Friday, you’re going to feel empowered to put yourself first, and to potentially step back into the dating game. For those of you who are single, now is your time to shine, as the Universe is showering its charm down upon you.

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Focus on your money.

Love under wraps.

Find your peace.

Taurus — when Mars goes direct in your value zone on Thursday, you’re being encouraged to sort out all of your financial affairs. The energy in these last few months might have forced you to slow down, but now is the time to take advantage of your intelligence and your work ethic, and to get organized within your goals. This is a great time to build that net worth.

Unfortunately, your love life might not follow suit when it comes to balance this week, Taurus. When Juno enters Aries on Friday, your privacy zone is ignited. This means that any secrets you have within your relationships and connections might come to light, and you’re being encouraged to keep your passion under wraps so it doesn’t spill over and affect your reputation.

When Venus in Aquarius starts to square Uranus in Taurus on Saturday, you might feel like going solo. This isn’t the best aspect for teamwork, so try your best to find your peace amid any chaos and take care of what needs to be done on your own.

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Energized release.

Social romance.

Gemini — this retrograde season has felt like a lifetime for you, but fiery Mars is finally breaking free on Thursday, and you’re going to be relieved of all of this heavy energy you’ve been feeling. Things are finally going to move forward for you, and you will feel a surge of energy when it comes to starting new opportunities and making your dreams come true.

When Juno enters Aries on Friday, it will move into your social zone. This means that romance is being ignited in your life, Gemini. Over the next four weeks, there is going to be a lot of potential for you to fall into a beautiful connection. Your bonds are deepening, and you will be feeling a lot of lightness and gratitude in all of your partnerships. Revel in it!

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Shadow work.

Say it out loud.

Buddy up.

Cancer — you’ve been running from your demons lately, but when Mars goes direct in your healing zone on Thursday, you’re going to confront every single one of them. You might have been in denial these last few months, but this energy is encouraging you to dive below the surface of your subconscious mind and to heal your emotional wounds. It is time, and you are ready.

While you keep your healing internal and private, your relationships are going to undergo a public awakening when Juno enters Aries on Friday, because your public image zone is being ignited. This energy is inspiring you to stay committed, and devoted to your goals, and to make things happen out  loud. Embrace your social connections, and celebrate your hard work for all to see.

When the sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Friday, the Universe is going to send an adventure your way. Everything’s better with a buddy, Cancer. It’s time to explore and to let loose with someone special. You deserve it.

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Intimately expand.

Keep going.

Leo — this week is bringing you a lot of romantic lessons when Juno enters Aries on Friday. Your zone of expansion is being ignited, and you are being encouraged to dive deeper into your connections and attachments. You’re going to be very introspective when it comes to relationships this week, and you’re going to feel inspired to shake things up and experiment. Remember to have fun.

Friday also brings forth a lot of potential life changes, when the sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. All of your hard work and your rituals are going to be emphasized, and you will start to see just how far you have come on your journey to becoming your best possible self. Keep going, Leo.

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Career highs.

Deepening love.

Express, express, express.

Virgo — over the last few months you might have felt stalled in your career, but this is the week where things start to get moving again, partly due to the fact that Mars is moving into your career zone on Thursday. You’re going to be flooded with new ideas and inspirations, and you’re being encouraged to show off your brilliance, as it will be rewarded.

These next few weeks are going to be deliciously passionate for you as Juno enters Aries on Friday, which will ignite your zone of transformation. This is a beautiful time for you to take your relationships to a deeper level. Whether you’re moving in with someone, or committing to taking the next steps with your partner, trust yourself and embrace the energy. Just don’t move too quickly!

When the sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, you’re going to feel even closer to your partner. This week is going to end on a romantic note for you — so express and connect and let all of that love in.

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Dig a little deeper.

Love at first sight.

Libra — you might have been feeling a little off for the last few months, but you’re ready to move forward, and the Universe is here to help. When Mars starts its dance in your expansion zone on Thursday, you’re going to be met with a lot of encouragement from the cosmos. What have you been wanting to do these last few months? How have you been holding yourself back? Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper into your desires and your mind. It’s time for a comeback.

When Juno enters Aries on Friday, a beautiful period within your relationships is being ignited in your life. Yor partnership zone is highlighted over the next few weeks, so embrace this energy because it could just lead you to your soulmate.

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Let go, move on.

Scorpio — after a few months of what has felt like eternal stalls and delays, you’re finally being encouraged to change your life for the better when Mars goes direct in your zone of transformation on Thursday. Now is the time to let go of all of the things that have been holding you back. The Universe is asking that you embrace this energy, and run towards all of the possibilities that are waiting to be discovered for you. You can’t fail Scorpio, so don’t slow down.

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Believe in love.

Romance is in the air.

Sagittarius — when Mars goes direct in your partnership zone on Thursday, you’re going to find yourself attracted to a lot of different human beings. The options will seem like they are endless, and your charm is going to be ignited, allowing for you to really explore your needs when it comes to deeper connections. This is the time to find a successful relationship, so choose wisely, Sag.

When Juno enters Aries on Friday, the romance will continue to flow, as your desire zone is being ignited. This transit is going to flood your life with passion, so you better be prepared to leap into love. Romance is in the air — stay true to yourself, and trust that you are deserving of what you have always hoped to find within your heart. The Universe is listening, Sag. Ask for what you want.

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Get to work.

Home is where the heart is.

Capricorn — when Mars moves forward into your productivity zone on Thursday, you’re going to feel like any stagnancy or aimlessness is suddenly gone from your life. Now is the time to get to work on the goals you have for your future. You’re also being encouraged by this energy to start to implement daily rituals and routines that will help you to improve your life this year. These are going to stick, Cap — the Universe is making sure of that.

When Juno enters Aries on Friday, your family zone is going to be highlighted. Over the next few weeks you’ll start to feel a lot more domestic, and you are going to be favoring emotional security and foundation over chaos and imbalance. Traditions are being created right now, and you’re being encouraged to slow down, and to really focus on what matters. Remember that the small things aren’t so small, after all.

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Creative sparks.

What matters most?

Aquarius — after months of feeling like there has been a block in your creativity, you’re going to be experiencing a lot of artistic movement and happiness when Mars goes direct in your entertainment zone on Thursday. Say goodbye to restlessness, as a creative spark is ignited within you. This is a great time to dream, Aquarius. The projects you want to create, the art you desire to make — it is all possible for you right now. Run towards it as fast as you can.

On Saturday, when Venus in your sign squares Uranus in Taurus, your relationships might get a little messy. Your love life may potentially hit a dead end, and you’re being encouraged by the Universe to really take inventory and assess what matters to you most. Who do you want to be surrounded by this year? It’s time to get honest with yourself.

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Home sweet home.

Slow it down.

Pisces — your home life is going to be improving as Mars moves forward into your family zone on Thursday. Say goodbye to the chaos you have felt over the last few months, and embrace reconnection. If this retrograde broke bonds with human beings you genuinely cared for, now is the time to start to mend those cracks. It will all work out if you put in the effort, and the energy, that is required to fix those weathered connections.

When Juno enters Aries on Friday, your value zone is being highlighted. Where are you getting your validation from in this world, Pisces? It is important to really ensure that you aren’t overly attached to the wrong things, even if they make you feel good on the surface. Healthy attachments are the name of the game this year. Don’t let yourself get carried away in anything other than that.

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