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What You Should Be For Halloween, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Channel your competitive spirit into becoming a Gladiator. With armor, a shield, and an epic historical costume, you’ll be the embodiment of courage and determination. This choice ensures you’ll stand out while still having an easily recognizable costume, ready to take on any Halloween party.

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Embrace your earthy nature by dressing up as an Elf. Think of the elegance of the elves from Lord of the Rings. With pointy ears, elegant robes, and a regal demeanor, you’ll capture the enchantment of elves in a way that suits your sign. Plus, it’s the perfect costume if you’re looking to bring something your entire friend group can go as.

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Reflecting your dual nature, how about going as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? You’ll easily be able to get creative with this costume, Gemini—literally wearing two separate costumes at once by splitting your look down the middle on both sides. If you think you can pull it off, you’ll definitely be able to win a costume contest or two with the idea.

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Taking inspiration from the high seas, transform yourself into a Pirate. You’re a water sign that can definitely pull off a classic pirate costume. It’s a great group costume or perfect for going treasure-hunting solo. Plus, you can dress up as much or as little as you like, giving you maximum comfort in this costume.

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Lean into your regal nature by dressing up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. It’s the perfect costume for someone who loves a little drama; the bold colors and eye-catching dress (and makeup) will make you the life of the party. Plus, you can take inspiration from the movies or one of the many versions of the original books out there; no two artists have drawn the Queen of Hearts exactly the same.

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Show off your natural charm by going as a vintage Hollywood star. Take inspiration from Hedy Lamar, Audrey Hepburn, Gene Kelly, or even Marilyn Monroe—you can choose a celebrity idol to go as or create your own look. Vintage hair, makeup, and a classy old Hollywood outfit are all essentials—if you’re really committed to the bit, you might even want to start practicing your Transatlantic accent.

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Delve deep into the gothic realm by dressing up as a classic Vampire. You’ll get to embrace the darker colors you typically lean towards while also going for a traditional Halloween look. You can go for a historical Dracula costume or look for something a little more modern—if you want to don an elaborate disguise this Halloween, now’s your chance. Plus, who can resist the allure of the immortal?

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Given your adventurous spirit, take on the iconic role of Indiana Jones. With that unmistakable fedora (and perhaps a few ancient artifacts in tow), you’re all set for a Halloween full of thrills. Bonus points if you form an entire archaeological crew with your friends or family.

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Embrace your disciplined nature by becoming a Knight from medieval times. You can take inspiration from King Arthur and go for a Knights of the Round Table look, or don something that’s historically accurate to wow everyone at the costume party. Way to capture your sense of duty while still looking cool, Capricorn.

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Given your love for all things futuristic, why not step into the shoes of Star Trek’s Spock or a Starfleet officer? You’ve got plenty of colorful characters to choose from, and you’ll definitely be easily recognizable (especially if you and your crew accept your fate and go for red shirts). If you’re more of a Star Wars fan, that’s cool too—whichever space series suits your style.

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Channel the ethereal and dreamy nature of your sign by becoming a Mermaid or Merman. Think glittery makeup scales, ocean-hued fabrics, and perhaps even a seashell crown or trident. Make yourself an ethereal mermaid, go for a Little Mermaid look, or dress up as a scarily realistic half-fish—the world is your oyster, Pisces.

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