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What You Need To Stop Doing In Relationships, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Child

You must stop forcing your opinions on everyone. Despite what you may think, you actually don’t know what’s best for everyone else. While you can give good advice for sure, you need to let people come to their own conclusions every now and then. Because, ultimately, they are the ones who will have to live with their choices. Let them.

Oldest Child

You must stop taking responsibility for everyone and everything. Let someone else take the lead when making plans. Allow space for others to chime in about solutions when something goes wrong. Give people a chance to clean up their own messes. You’ll have stronger, healthier relationships this way.

Middle Child

If you’re a middle child, you must stop trying to fix everyone’s problems. You’re not meant to save people. You’re only meant to love them. Nothing more and nothing less. Let people in your life make mistakes. Be there to support them, of course, but let them learn the tough lessons on their own because this is the most loving thing you can truly do.

Youngest Child

If you’re the youngest child, you must stop taking the people you love for granted. Life is unpredictable and messy and things can change in an instant. Be more vulnerable with the people you have because you honestly really don’t know how long you’ll have with them. Appreciate them now. Spend time with them now. And, most importantly, tell them you love them now.


If you’re a twin or part of a set of multiples, you need to remember that everyone expresses their love differently. Not everyone will show love in the same way you will and that’s okay. Embrace this fact instead of resenting it because this is what makes love so magical and dynamic in the first place.

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