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What You Need To Hear To Move On, According To Your Birth Order

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First Born

When you’re ready to love again, don’t look for the same love you once had. Resist the urge to compare the people who come into your life with those who left. Remember, every love is unique, like a fingerprint, crafted between two souls. Love is a rare and exquisite thing, an extension of who you both were in that moment. As you move forward, you grow and change. You become a different person, and the love you need will grow and change too. It will nourish and inspire you, meeting you exactly where you are.

Middle Child

One day, you’ll be beloved. You won’t feel lost or uncertain anymore, as you’ll be with someone who reciprocates your love and effort. You’ll realize that it was pointless to hold on so tightly to the wrong people, as the right ones were always meant to cross your path. They will stay by your side, bringing you happiness and peace. You’ll no longer have to struggle or fight for affection, as it will come naturally. Trust that someday, you will find the right person who will treasure and cherish you.

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You deserve to experience the same love you give to others. You deserve to feel seen and appreciated for who you are. You deserve to be chosen and loved wholeheartedly, without any reservations. You deserve someone who is certain about you and who will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Only Child

Life has been a harsh teacher, revealing to you that loving with all your heart can sometimes inflict the deepest wounds. You have learned that pouring your soul into something or someone leaves you vulnerable to the pain that comes with attachment. The harder you love, the harder you fall, and you have felt the sting of those falls more than once. It seems almost unfair that the most loving hearts often suffer the most, but you have come to understand that this is the price of giving your heart so freely. Despite the pain, you continue to love fiercely, because you know that love is the very essence of life itself.

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The most compassionate individuals are not born with that trait; they develop it through their experiences. These are the souls who have faced adversities and emerged stronger from the darkness. They have transformed their losses into valuable lessons, and chosen to remain tender in a world that often hardens people. These errors are portals of discovery! Their hearts have been touched by the power of compassion and they have made the decision to extend that to others. They are beacons of hope and positivity, inspiring others to choose the same path.

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