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What Words Were Left Unsaid, According To Your Zodiac + Tarot

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Your Card: Two of Swords

At the time, Aries felt it was better to not say anything at all. Perhaps the damage was already done, and to speak would merely add more fuel to the fire, regardless if that was their intention or not. At the time, they were contemplating the outcome in terms of two different extremes. On one end, by saying the right words, things would be completely patched up. On the other end, to say more would completely shatter what was left of the foundation built between the two of you. But if they had the chance to say what was on their mind now, they might say that there was never any winning with you. The best option was peace. For you and them. And hopefully, now that they’re gone, you can both find that separately.

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Your Card: The Star

“If it was meant to be, then it’ll be,” is what they tried to tell you, but perhaps you weren’t ready to listen Taurus. Time has passed and your lives have gone separately. You’re both no longer fighting to stay relevant in each other’s lives. You’re both surrounded by new groups of people living different lives and if you two were meant to be present for one another, then it’ll happen on its own. That’s what they believe. There are no right people and wrong time. There are just wrong people. If it was the right people, then the time would’ve been right. If you never cross paths with them again, then you got your answer. But deep down, there is a piece of them that still holds on to hope that the time will be right.

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Your Card: Three of Swords

Loving you was the hardest thing they ever did, Gemini, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. In many ways loving you healed them as much as it hurt them and you might agree with this sentiment. There are so many things that they wish they did differently and to move on as best as they can, they have taken the experience as a lesson. They wish they chose patience and gratitude when you both needed it most. There is no going back, unfortunately. They didn’t mean the things that they said and they never said the things that they meant. And what they wish they could say right now is that you did matter to them but right now they feel like they don’t matter to you anymore.

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Your Card: Ten of Wands

They know that they were a lot, and they wish they could’ve shown you how much they appreciated the way you handled them. With such care, patience and, understanding. They never really said thank you in the way that you deserved, Cancer. And while it may feel as if they never noticed how hard you tried, they did. It’s rare to meet someone as kind and loving as you. You have a heart as big as the ocean but at times they felt it was more than they deserved. Though they wish they never pushed you away, they know that it’s better this way. Now that you’re gone, they can feel the weight you supported upon their shoulders. But this is their burden to carry, not yours.

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Your Card: Nine of Cups

They wish they could’ve told you that sometimes people just grow apart, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean we have to hate each other. Sometimes lovers are meant to come and go and teach us the lessons the universe felt we were ready to learn until it’s time to let go and be on our own again. There are experiences that we are meant to have that were never supposed to last forever. And even though in the moment the two of you felt limitless and endless at the time, it’s better this way. Sometimes two people burn bright and it just becomes too much. They want you to know that they are happier now. Not despite you being gone, but because they learned more of who they are through your time together. Though things ended bitterly, it will never taint the good times and the past you both shared.

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Your Card: Queen of Pentacles

They wanted to see the best in you, but they wish they hadn’t brought out the worst in you, Virgo. They wanted it to be you so bad and they know sometimes they asked too much of you. They wish they hadn’t tried to mold you into something that you weren’t because, in the end, they feel like they created a resentment between the two of you they hated. They wish they could’ve told you how at the end of the day, they’re really glad that you came into their life when you did. They still don’t fully understand why you two crossed paths, and maybe at some point they finally will, but for now, they’re just happy they get to say they knew you. You’re a tough shell to crack, Virgo. You don’t easily let other people in. Though you tend to know a lot of people, only a handful of them know you. And they’re grateful they got to be one of the people that you let in and opened up to. They understand how hard that can be for you

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Your Card: Five of Pentacles

They wanted to act like losing you didn’t matter to you, but now more than ever they wish they could tell you how much they truly miss you. Perhaps it’s too late for that, but they feel your absence more than they felt your presence and they wish they never took it for granted. What was left unsaid was the fact that as much as they liked to pretend that being alone didn’t scare them, it truly did. They wanted to act like independence was easy for them, only to mask a deep fear of being abandoned. You saw through that and while that scared them, it also brought them great comfort. But now you’re gone, and it is an outcome of their own making.

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Your Card: Ace of Swords

They learned a lot from you. You gave them a sort’ve education that can’t be taught in school. They never gave you credit for that. You carry a pessimistic opposition and yet find a way to turn the negatives into positives. Is it your fascination with life and death? Your need for transcendence above the mundane? Whatever it was about you, it is something that will stick with them forever. Your ideas, your opinions, your rationale, it is something that continues to encompass them. They were impressed by you and they felt that people don’t appreciate you enough for this side of your character. They too were guilty of this and they wish they could go back and tell you that your thoughts aren’t silly or too far out there. They now realize how rare people like you are. That’s the thing that defines Scorpios the best. Every Scorpio is just so different and unique and you are no exception.

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Your Card: Ace of Cups

You were profound. You were healing. You were compassionate. You were healing. They never gave you enough credit for those things. While emotions and self-expression come easily to you, Sagittarius, that wasn’t the case for them. They were always so impressed with your ability to openly tell the world how you felt without fear. They always believed that it was best to just keep your feelings to yourself. That it was safer that way. That keeping things within was a sign of strength. But you showed them the opposite. That there is strength in emotions. And though at times you may feel ashamed of how emotional you tend to get, they never told you how much they admired this aspect of you. To them, you were the most courageous person they’ve ever met.

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Your Card: The High Priestess

They regret not telling you exactly how they felt and what they meant, but in a way, they believe that in some way, somehow, you already knew. All you had to do was look in their eyes and somehow they felt like you were reading their mind. They never told you how unique they felt the connection between the two of you was. It was different. There was a level of intensity and connection that didn’t require words, yet at the same time, they wished they told you more. They wish they didn’t try and mask their true feelings. They wish they told you how their day truly meant whenever you asked. They wish that when they were sad they just told you instead of expecting you to figure it out for them. Even though you already knew, they just wish they were more honest. And they wish they told you how much they cared about you, even though you already knew this.

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Your Card: Ace of Pentacles

They never told you how much they wanted to be the one for you. That they envisioned a future with you and perhaps had they worked harder at the life they were living now, maybe that future could’ve existed. However at the same time, while this is the future that they wanted, this was never the future that you wanted. You told them a million times but they didn’t want to listen. They never told you how much hope you gave them. Not just hope in the two of you, but hope in general.

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Your Card: The Devil

You were almost like a drug to them and they knew that wasn’t fair to you, Pisces. They could sense all the times you pulled away from them emotionally whenever they tried desperately reaching for you and it scared them every time. But this cycle only pushed you further and further into your abyss until they felt like they couldn’t reach you anymore. What they never told you was how addicting it all was for them. That as much as they hated this about you, they loved it all just as much. But at times it might have felt like they never cared for you but rather this idea of you. They wish they could tell you now that isn’t true. Perhaps this aspect of the dynamic put a strain on you both and it felt as if they wanted to possess you, but for them, that wasn’t their intention at all. It was never their intention to make things worse, they truly wanted to make it better but unfortunately failed in doing so

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