Zodiac Signs

What Type Of Guidance You’ll Receive This Month, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, this month your sign is most likely to receive guidance in the form of advice from an acquaintance or stranger. Be on the lookout for anyone who wants to stop and talk with you or who seeks you out conversationally, especially in your professional life. Keep these conversations in the back of your mind; they may not make perfect sense to you now, but you’ll be reminded of them when you need it

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Taurus, you’re most likely to receive spiritual guidance this month as a result of your practices. Whether you choose to engage in meditation, reflection, rituals, or other spiritual practices, you’re likely to receive an epiphany this month sent to you divinely. Stick to your usual practices or introduce something that calls to you this month if you don’t have a set routine for yourself.

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Gemini, you’re most likely to receive divine guidance through self-reflection this month. If there are issues in your life that have been troubling you, set aside the time to work through them with yourself. You may benefit from written or spoken reflections thanks to your ruling planet Mercury; don’t be afraid to take more time than you usually would on these kinds of practices this month.

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Cancer, this month may gift you guidance in the form of meaningful signs. If you have symbols you typically look out for and recognize—lucky numbers, favorite songs—be sure to recognize them when they arrive this month. You may notice them about a particular activity, environment, or train of thought—they’ll help you understand when you’re on the right track

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Leo, you could receive guidance through angel numbers this month. Consider where you are and what you’re doing if you happen to spot an angel number while you’re going about your day. If the environment, action, or thought is meaningful to you (especially if it’s something you’ve been seeking guidance on recently), you’ll know you’ve received a sign about the direction you’re heading.

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Virgo, this month may present you with the opportunity to be guided by a new person in your life. This person may form a long-term relationship with you—a new friend or romance—or they may only be there for a short time. Regardless, reflect on anyone new that enters your life this month to understand what they’re there to teach you; even if you only met them briefly, they may have divine guidance for you that applies to you.

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Libra, you’re most likely to receive guidance in the form of a conflict or mishap. If you experience technology delays, forgotten items, miscommunication around scheduling, or delayed travel plans (even on your regular commute), this could be related to protection and guidance being sent to you. When you notice these things, consider why they could be cropping up; if they’re attempting to prevent you from meeting with someone or are trying to push you to change your schedule.

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Scorpio, you’re most likely to receive guidance in your dreams this month. If you don’t already keep a dream journal, you may want to start one now. You can look at the various symbols present within your dreams and analyze them or just try to interpret the story of the dreams if they have one. You may also want to notice when these kinds of dreams typically pop up for you; there could be a pattern related to a period of stress, person, or activity in your life.

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Sagittarius, you’re most likely to receive inspirational guidance this month. This could come in many forms; you may find new motivation to continue old projects you haven’t thought of in a while, or an important figure to you could announce something related to one of your concerns or interests. Look for guidance telling you to pick up something you’ve been working on in the past or any signs that are telling you to start something new; when you feel drawn to a particular form of inspiration, you should follow it this month and see where it leads.

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Capricorn, this month you’re likely to receive guidance from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. If an old friend or mentor reaches out to chat, you shouldn’t turn down the opportunity. They may have valuable information to impart to you, and this could be a sign of a divine meeting. Consider random messages from old workplaces, social media connections from old friends, or reunions amongst coworkers or old classmates you haven’t spoken to in a while. Any of these connections could provide potential guidance the universe wants you to follow.

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Aquarius, this month you could receive guidance in the form of omens. Familiarize yourself with common omens you can look out for in your surroundings—especially if they relate to things you’ve been seeking guidance on. Once you receive one, write it down and see if there are any correlations to things you’ve been working through. If there isn’t any correlation, you may still be receiving guidance you’re not ready to interpret yet—keep the omen in mind and wait for the message to become clear.

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Pisces, this month you’re likely to receive divine guidance from your creative pursuits. Look for messages that could apply to any unanswered questions or dilemmas you have with yourself; these could appear in songs, books, or visual art. Don’t be afraid to pick up some new music or new reads this month, as you’re more likely to receive new guidance from things you haven’t experienced before. Still, try to interpret and apply any old favorite creative works from your past, especially if you suddenly remember them or feel drawn to them when you haven’t in a while—these may hold important messages for you this month.

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