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What To Plant In Your Garden, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you already have an established garden or are itching to start a new garden, you might be wondering what to plant. Use this as a guide to give you some ideas of what wonderful plants you can grow in your garden. It’s going to be a colorful and fragrant summer!


Aries are bright, bold, and sometimes a little bit extra, which is why growing roses would be a wonderful flower for an Aries to plant. They can bite back if someone isn’t careful, but they produce some of the most alluring flowers. Roses require a bit of extra love and attention, which will come as an interesting challenge for Aries. Plant your roses in well-drained soil in mostly sunny areas and they should grow nicely.


Tauruses are all about comforts, beauty, and the joys of life. Planting lavender would be the perfect plant for a Taurus. Lavender is not only beautiful, but it smells fragrant and earthy. To help your lavender thrive, plant it in full sun with a bit of afternoon shade if you’re able. Once it starts to establish flowers, go ahead and use some of that lavender in your cooking and baking.


Geminis are enticing, colorful, and smart. They can also have a prickly side to them, which is why coneflowers are a wonderful plant for a Gemini to grow in their garden. Coneflowers are attractive to many pollinators like bees and butterflies. They come in a variety of beautiful shades as well. Plant them in full sun and watch as an array of insects come to visit your garden.


Cancers are known for being sensitive and sweet. Daisies are a great flower for a Cancer to plant because they are also sweet, simple, and lovely. Daisies require mostly sun but do okay in a bit of shade. They love to spread their vibrant green leaves, so make sure to plant them where they have plenty of space to grow. This low maintenance plant will thrive in a Cancer’s garden.


Leos are known to be bold and bright. They are ruled by the sun, which is why sunflowers are the perfect flower to plant in a Leo’s garden. Pick a sunny spot in the flower bed or even plant a few smaller sunflowers in flower pots. Sunflowers are sure to brighten everyone’s mood when they see them, which we know Leos are great at doing too.


Virgos are known to be reliable, patient, and kind, which makes irises a great flower to plant as a Virgo. Irises tend to come up yearly without much fuss, yet when they bloom they are lovely and sweet. They are an easy to grow flower that requires some sun, but will grow in a bit of shade. A Virgo would love to have a variety of irises in their garden.


Libras are known for their being lovers of beauty, romance, and charm, which is why the peony is a great flower to plant in a Libra’s garden. Peonies are a gorgeous and romantic flower that would brighten up any garden. Make sure to plant them in well drained soil in a sunny spot. They will shine beautifully just like a Libra.


Scorpios are known for having a little darkness to them while also being passionate, warm, and emotional. A shade-loving, gorgeous hydrangea would be a perfect plant for Scorpio. They grow in mostly shade, but a little sun is fine. Hydrangeas are also a bit mysterious in that they can change colors depending on the acidity of your soil. Give them a lot of water on those hot days and they should look like magic in the garden.


Sagittarius is a bit of a free spirit, bold, and warm, making poppies a great plant for a Sagittarius to add to their garden. Poppies are such bright flowers and blow freely in the breeze. They love the sun and tend to grow wild. Poppies are fairly easy to grow and don’t require much maintenance, just a daily watering and sun. Enjoy those beautiful, bold flowers, Sagittarius.


Capricorns are known to be the go getter of the zodiacs. They are hard working and consistent, just like zinnias. The zinnia flower is a beautiful, colorful flower that grows quickly. They are a wonderful addition to any butterfly or pollinator garden since insects love them. They brighten any garden space and are fairly low maintenance. Give zinnias a sunny spot to grow and enough water and they will pop.


Aquarians are social, clever, and intellectual and would probably enjoy planting clematis in their garden. The clematis flower is a vining plant that grows lovely star-like purple flowers. They grow best on a trellis, fence, or wrapped around a tree. Just like Aquarians love to share their love with the community, clematis does the same by spreading their beauty and weaving it around the garden.


Pisces are imaginative and sensitive, as well as bright, making dahlias a wonderful flower to grow in the garden. Dahlias represent love and beauty. They grow into colorful, large flowers that require a good amount of sun, with morning sun being the best for them. A Pisces would love to have these sweet flowers in their garden.

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